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LUMMA CLR LD - mighty wide Land Rover Defender!

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LUMMA CLR LD Land Rover Defender L663 1 LUMMA CLR LD mighty wide Land Rover Defender!

LUMMA Design individualizes the Land Rover Defender Type L663 into an athletic off-road athlete and thus once again documents its claim to be the top dog in the league of exclusive SUV refiners. Production at the highest technical level, in connection with masterful workmanship and the finest materials - that is the quality standard with which the southern German tuning specialists skillfully stage the wide version, called the LUMMA CLR LD. Strikingly designed aerodynamic components and matching light alloy wheels form the basis, high-quality accessories and stylish interior fittings complete the range. LUMMA relies on the latest manufacturing processes for its extensive body modifications.

made of carbon fiber or polyurethane

LUMMA CLR LD Land Rover Defender L663 2 LUMMA CLR LD mighty wide Land Rover Defender!

Whether front spoiler attachment, rear apron, side skirts, front grille, hood attachment or the fenders that widen the vehicle by 40 millimeters at the front and rear - all components are weight-optimized either made of carbon fiber or polyurethane plastic (PUR-RIM). The LUMMA wide body combines sophisticated aerodynamics with a spectacular look: Large air inlets on the fenders ensure an optimal flow of fresh air to the drive unit and also underlines the sporty, dynamic look. An additional roof panel with two integrated high-beam headlights, on the other hand, emphasizes the off-road character of the off-road classic. The distinctive LUMMA light alloy wheels fit perfectly under the new, muscular-looking fenders. The range includes rim dimensions from 19 "to 23". Depending on the application, the SUV specialists equip the Defender with on- or off-road tires.

now the kit is finished

Lumma Design Widebody Land Rover Defender L663 Tuning Bodykit 14 LUMMA CLR LD mighty wide Land Rover Defender!

The aluminum rounds are particularly highlighted by performance spacers in conjunction with the raised chassis in the off-road version. In addition to the existing interior, LUMMA offers a wide range of customization options - from a personalized set of floor mats to anodized aluminum pedals and all-leather interior. All equipment details are manufactured with the highest level of manual precision. Powerful performance enhancements and exhaust systems with a sporty sound are already being tested. The delivery date for the refinement program, which is also being developed to fit the Defender 5.0 top model, is spring 2021. If we receive information on a first converted copy in a timely manner, there will of course be an update for this report, as always. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new, you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

LUMMA CLR LD Land Rover Defender L663 3 LUMMA CLR LD mighty wide Land Rover Defender!

Photos: Lumma Design

LUMMA CLR LD finishing program:

  • suitable for Land Rover Defender type L663
  • LUMMA BODYKIT consisting of:
    - LUMMA extensions at the front and back are approx. 40 millimeters wider on each side
    - LUMMA front spoiler attachment
    - LUMMA side skirts
    - LUMMA rear apron
    - LUMMA bonnet attachment
    - LUMMA roof panel at the front with double high beam
    - LUMMA front grill
    - LUMMA fender covers (air inlet)
    - All parts also available in carbon fiber
  • LUMMA light alloy wheels:
    - LUMMA rim program from 19 "to 23"
    - LUMMA CLR Racing with off-road tires
    - LUMMA CLR Racing with road tires
    - LUMMA Performance spacer set
  • indoor:
    - LUMMA aluminum pedal set 3-part, anodized
    - LUMMA doormat set with LUMMA coat of arms logo
    - LUMMA trunk mat with LUMMA coat of arms logo
    - LUMMA complete leather interior
  • Further accessories:
    - LUMMA chassis approx. 30mm higher
    - LUMMA sports exhaust system
    - All components also suitable for the later top model 5.0.

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LUMMA CLR LD - Land Rover Defender!

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