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Preview: 680 PS Widebody LUMMA CLR X7 - BMW X7

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LUMMA CLR X7 Widebody BMW X7 G07 3 Preview: 680 PS Widebody LUMMA CLR X7 BMW X7

For more than 30 years, the tuning specialist LUMMA Design GmbH & Co. KG, from Winterlingen in southern Germany, has stood for top-class automobile refinements. With the LUMMA CLR X7 customization program for the luxury SUV BMW X7, the company wants to build on this success story and is probably the first tuning company to give an outlook on its wide body kit, which will be available from the middle of next year. The development of a complete LUMMA refinement program for the BMW SUV top model is already in full swing, starting with a distinctive, muscular body styling, through elegant wheel designs to a powerful increase in performance.

Sporty elegance characterizes the design

LUMMA CLR X7 Widebody BMW X7 G07 4 Preview: 680 PS Widebody LUMMA CLR X7 BMW X7

In order to meet the high demands on optics and aerodynamics, the experienced designers completely redesign the front, the vehicle designated by BMW as the "Sports Activity Vehicle". Larger air intakes in the front apron in conjunction with a Cupspoilerschwert make a much more dynamic face and in conjunction with the new full carbon bonnet for optimized cooling air supply to the engine compartment. But not only the front receives a revision: imposing widening by 50 millimeters per side at the fenders are responsible for the powerful overall impression of the wide-body. To reduce the lift forces on the rear axle, the LUMMATechniker also develop aerodynamic components such as rear spoiler lip and roof spoiler and make them from carbon fiber. A new rear apron with integrated diffuser completes the impressive overall appearance.

Sporty sound and full power

The new rear apron also makes room for a sports exhaust system with 4 x 100 millimeter stainless steel tailpipes. Not only does the LUMMA-enhanced X7 sound significantly more potent, but it also benefits from acceleration thanks to a performance enhancement designed specifically for the engine of the BMW X7 50i, which simultaneously eliminates the 250 km / h limit. The aim is to generate an output of approx. 680 PS / 500 kW by means of an electronic optimization combined with the new exhaust system.

Alloy wheels from the specialist

LUMMA CLR X7 Widebody BMW X7 G07 1 Preview: 680 PS Widebody LUMMA CLR X7 BMW X7

Technically and visually, the wheel-tire combination was perfectly matched to the increased performance and the widened body. The LUMMA CLR 24 RS light alloy rims in the dimensions 10 × 24 inches on the front axle and 13 × 24 inches on the rear guarantee maximum load capacity and stability with minimal unsprung weight. For maximum grip, the wheels are encased in ultra-high-performance tires in widths of 295 and 355 millimeters. A little smaller, but no less impressive, is the 23-inch wheel with the name LUMMA LR sports rim. The new aluminum wheels with the performance spacers are particularly highlighted.

Club lounge or motorsport atmosphere

The interior design of the specialists from Winterlingen also completely new and transform the interior of the BMW X7 depending on your wishes, to the elegant VIP Lounge or alternatively to the cockpit with motorsport flair. The team around Horst Lumma also knows how to combine individual taste and state-of-the-art technology harmoniously. Traditional craftsmanship, selected materials and a stylish design combine with the LUMMA CLR X7 to create an interior of a classy automobile. If we get first information about the presentation of the LUMMA CLR X7 broadband program for the BMW X7 G07, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if yours is just ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

LUMMA CLR X7 Widebody BMW X7 G07 2 Preview: 680 PS Widebody LUMMA CLR X7 BMW X7

(Photos: Lumma Design)


  • LUMMA BODYKIT consisting of:
    - Widenings at the front and rear by approx. 50 millimeters per side
    - Integrated air inlets and outlets in the extensions to dissipate the heat from the brake air
    - Front spoiler with cup spoiler sword
    - Full carbon bonnet with air inlet
    - Roof panel with additional lights
    - Rear roof spoiler in carbon
    - Rear spoiler lip in carbon
    - Design rear panel in carbon
    - rear diffuser
  • LUMMA light alloy wheels
    - LUMMA LR sports rim 11 × 23 with 305 / 35-23 tires
    - LUMMA CLR 24 RS wheel set 10 × 24/13 × 24 with 295 / 30-24 tires; 355 / 25-24
  • LUMMA Performance Spacer Set
  • LUMMA sports exhaust system
    - 4 x 100 mm tailpipes
  • LUMMA performance increase
    - for X7 50i to approx. 500 KW (approx. 680 PS)
  • indoor:
    - LUMMA aluminum pedal set 3-part, anodized
    - LUMMA doormat set 4 pieces with LUMMA coat of arms logo
    - LUMMA trunk mat with LUMMA coat of arms logo
    - LUMMA complete leather interior

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LUMMA CLR X7 wide-body program for the BMW X7 G07

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