Gucci Jag: 1987 Lynx Eventer Jaguar XJ-S with V12 power!

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Gucci 1987 Lynx Eventer Jaguar XJ S V12 Shooting Brake 1

Many people know the classic Jaguar XJ-S. The car was a huge success and became Jaguar's longest-running model from 1975 to 1996. But hardly anyone knows them Shooting brake variant from the body builder Lynx with name Events. And the chic "station wagon" wasn't just a converted XJ-S, it was a real luxury station wagon with a V12 engine and in the case of this vehicle even with an interior by Paolo Gucci. In the cabin there are details such as buttons made of horn or a special one steering wheel badge with matching gear stick handle made of lapis lazuli, with which the »Lynx Eventer Design by Paolo Gucci« differs from the Lynx small series. At the time, 20 vehicles were planned, but this did not happen due to legal problems. The result is the car pictured here, the only one in the world, while 67 cars of the "normal" Lynx Eventer were made.

Lynx Eventer Jaguar XJ-S

The eventer by Paolo Gucci shines in a chic two-tone Blue and most of the interior is also blue. In addition, there are still Accents in orange, which are also present on the outside, but only in an extremely inconspicuous PinStripe variant on the flanks. But back to the cabin. She became completely involved calfskin covered, with an embossing in a crocodile look. But what is actually different about the body? The Lynx Eventer is a normal XJ-S up to the B-pillar. There are changes from the B-pillar on the roof, the side panels and the tailgate. By the way, the unique Flying Buttresses are gone too. That roof is significantly lengthened and the C pillar shifted backwards. Under the sheet metal was the Fuel tank misplaced and the filler cap set in the side panel by the XJ-SC and later XJ-S Convertible.

Citroën Ami 8 rear window

Within the Hatchback is an in-house production with a rear window from the Citroën Ami 8. As a little treat, there was the optional 'update package' at the rear with the then new ones tail lights of the XJS (facelift from 1992). Likewise, its new purse be installed. In addition, the side windows complex custom-made products. Inside, Lynx has the Rear seats Set 10 cm further back and with the seats folded up, the load compartment is 1.188 mm long and has a volume of 681 litres. If you die Individual seats in the rear folded, then even a load space of 1.880 mm in length and with a volume of 1.103 liters is created. And all of this applies to this as well Gucci one-off !

completely disassembled and restored

  • Registration number: B17 DAR
  • Chassis number: SAJJNAEW3BA141792
  • Engine number: 85051675HA

Gucci 1987 Lynx Eventer Jaguar XJ S V12 Shooting Brake 27

In addition, the car was complete decomposed and restauriert, of course, while fully retaining the original Gucci interior. The car has only driven a few hundred miles since the restoration and is now being auctioned off at Bonham's Goodwood event in England. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Gucci Jag: 1987 Lynx Eventer Jaguar XJ-S with V12 power!
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