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The MINI Multitone Roof: infinite customization!

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MINI Multitone Roof 2021 Tuning 20 The MINI Multitone Roof: Infinite customization!

A variety of colors is a tradition at MINI. A contrasting paint finish for the roof helped the classic Mini to make a particularly expressive appearance and has been adding attractive visual accents in various colors since the modern MINI was launched 20 years ago. With the exclusive Multitone Roof, the customization that can be achieved by painting the exterior of the MINI has now reached a whole new dimension. For the first time, an innovative wet-on-wet painting process is being used at the MINI plant in Oxford in the UK to create a three-color design for the vehicle roof.

The MINI Multitone Roof!

The pioneer for the innovative form of roof design is the MINI Cooper SE (combined power consumption: 17,6 - 15,2 kWh / 100 km according to WLTP, 16,9 - 14,9 kWh / 100 km according to NEDC). For the first time, the Multitone Roof was offered as part of the MINI Electric Collection for the purely electrically powered model of the British premium brand, which was presented parallel to the world premiere of the latest new edition of MINI's small car models. The Multitone Roof, which is unique worldwide in the mass production of automobiles, is now available as special equipment for the premium small cars MINI 3-door and MINI 5-door as well as for the MINI Clubman, which is successful in the premium compact segment.

The optical highlight of the new design feature is the flowing course between the three color tones selected for the Multitone Roof. From the dark San Marino Blue in the front area of ​​the vehicle roof, the color changes gently into the lighter shade of blue Pearly Aqua, then just as gently changes to Jet Black in the rear section. The unique aesthetic created by this color gradient is also clearly recognizable in connection with the optional panoramic glass roof and the optional roof rails. The color scheme of the Multitone Roof creates an attractive and harmonious interplay with almost all the body paint finishes available for the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Clubman. It is therefore available in combination with all exterior colors with the exception of the variants Chili Red uni and British Racing Green metallic as well as the Indian Summer Red metallic available for the MINI Clubman.

characteristic tripartite division is emphasized

MINI Multitone Roof 2021 Tuning 6 The MINI Multitone Roof: Infinite customization!

The contrasting paintwork for the roof emphasizes the characteristic three-part design of the MINI body. The horizontal structure of the vehicle body, glass passenger cell and roof is a design principle typical of the brand. The design of the roof becomes an expression of personal style. Depending on the model variant, contrasting paint finishes in white, black and silver are offered ex works as optional equipment. A red painted roof is also available for the John Cooper Cooper Works models. The MINI Genuine Accessories range also includes roof decorations in various designs - from Union Jack to checkered flag designs - for retrofitting.

MINI Multitone Roof 2021 Tuning 4 The MINI Multitone Roof: Infinite customization!

The expansion of the range of contrasting paint finishes available ex works to include the multitone roof is made possible by the introduction of a new paint technique at the MINI plant in Oxford, UK. There, the light color Pearly Aqua is first applied to the roof of the appropriately configured vehicles. In further work steps, San Marino Blue in the front area and Jet Black in the rear area reach the roof, whereby the flowing color gradients characteristic of the Multitone Roof are established. The innovative painting process is fully integrated into the mechanical production process at the MINI plant in Oxford. Nevertheless, there are slight deviations in the color sample caused by changing environmental conditions, so that every MINI with Multitone Roof already has the character of a unique piece through the paintwork in the factory.

MINI Multitone Roof 2021 Tuning 18 The MINI Multitone Roof: Infinite customization!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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