Friday 22nd October 2021


The market Maybach stands for ultimate luxury. The company was founded in the year 1909 Maybach engine by Wilhelm Maybach and Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin. First, the company built the engines for Zeppelins. Since Germany was banned after the First World War, the production of airships, Maybach saddled on the production of automobiles and engines for locomotives. 1960 took over Daimler Benz the enterprise. In the short term, Daimler decided to discontinue the Maybach production in order to reintroduce the 2014 brand. The Maybach Manufaktur produces the limousines of the same name, which offer their customers the highest degree of exclusivity and individuality beyond the S-Class. Because of their very low quantities, Maybach vehicles are hotly sought after items in the car tuning scene. Despite the already very high performance of the Maybach automobiles at the factory, the tuning of the vehicles is often upgraded to up to 1000 PS. In addition, exclusive special requests such as gold coatings and interiors made of crocodile leather are not uncommon.