Tuesday 28st September 2021

Video: Drag Race Maybach 62 against BMW 760Li (F01)

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Maybach 62 vs. BMW 760Li F01 Video: Drag Race Maybach 62 vs. BMW 760Li (F01)

The following video shows you a luxury V12 duel of days gone by. Actually, both vehicles were predestined to allow the greatest possible comfort and maximum tranquility in the interior. Certainly not for fighting for the last tenth of a second on the quarter mile. But CarWow shows that this is also possible. A Maybach S62 with 5,5-liter V12 BiTurbo (M 285) and 550 PS & 900 NM must compete against the 6,0-liter V12 BiTurbo (N74B60) of the BMW 760Li. The performance of the Bavarian representative is slightly lower with 544 hp and 750 Nm torque. But the BMW is also significantly lighter. And that even though it still weighs 2.275 kilograms. Compared to the Maybach's mighty 2.805 kg, that's significantly less.

BMW 760Li against Maybach 62

Maybach 62 vs. BMW 760Li F01 1 Video: Drag Race Maybach 62 vs. BMW 760Li (F01)

The video shows that even with a good start, the Maybach 62 is not up to the BMW. The extra weight destroys any hope of a good result at the end of the finish line. The additional 530 kg ensure that the S62 covers the quarter mile in just 13,6 seconds, while the BMW takes 0,7 seconds less. The difference is less clear in the brake test. If you consider that the Maybach is much heavier, the result is impressive. By the way: it would have been fairer to test the stronger Maybach 62S against the BMW. The "S" version still gets 612 hp and an impressive 1.000 NM from the 6-liter M 275 V12 BiTurbo.


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