The automobile manufacturer Mazda was founded in 1920. The company's headquarters are in Fuchu, Japan. Initially, the company's purpose was limited to the production of cork, until machine parts were produced for the first time around eight years after the company was founded. In 1930 motorbikes were presented, later trucks were added. The first car was the Mazda R360 and rolled off the production line in 1960. The company owes its company name to its founder Juijiro Matsuda, which is pronounced “Mazda” in Japanese. In Germany, Mazda has stood for innovative and reliable cars at a fair price for some time. The figurehead has always been due to its extraordinary appearance Roadster MX-5with which the company was able to celebrate its greatest successes. Tuning makes the models even more interesting for lovers of extraordinary vehicles. Whether lowering, increasing the horsepower, aluminum wheels, LED auxiliary lights or even striking spoilers, the autotuning gives all models uniqueness and originality.