Wednesday, May 22, 2024


McLaren Automotive is a British manufacturer known worldwide for its luxurious supercars. The company is part of the McLaren Group and is based in Woking, UK. The brand originated in McLaren Racing, which was founded by 1965. McLaren is still considered one of the most successful racing teams in Formula 1 history. With this valuable racing experience behind his back McLaren develops and builds roadworthy sports cars since 1989 (until 2003 under the name McLaren Cars). The typical color of a McLaren is the so-called papaya orange, which until today is also the company color of the manufacturer. The exclusive vehicles are very sought after, as they are all handcrafted and manufactured with the highest precision. Often they are only produced and sold in limited quantities. This makes them very popular with fans of car tuning who want to get the most out of their supercar. With the right, professional tuning, you can turn your McLaren into not just a rare but a unique collector's item.