Tuesday 19th October 2021

The new LEGO® Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva!

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LEGO® Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva 3 The new LEGO® Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva!

Photo credit: McLaren

Starting today, the LEGO® McLaren Garage is home to the latest collaboration between the luxury super sports car manufacturer and the iconic game company: the LEGO Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva. Inspired by the lightest and most innovative McLaren supercar yet, this exciting new set gives children and car fans alike the opportunity to collect, build and explore one of the most exclusive open-top roadsters in the world. The McLaren Elva is designed for unparalleled driver engagement and ultimate driving pleasure. It has no roof, is available without a window and with or without a windshield, ensuring an unforgettable driving experience. If you opt for the model without a windshield, the McLaren Elva offers the ingenious Active Air Management System (AAMS), which controls the air through clever aerodynamics, forms a "bubble" around the occupants and protects them from the headwind.

LEGO® Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva

Just like the version without a windshield, the 263-piece LEGO set has a wide chassis with the open cockpit with two seats and authentic details, including the AAMS air vents, which make the Elva so innovative and unique. The LEGO Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva is over 4 cm high, 16 cm long and 7 cm wide. Breathtaking from every angle, the detailed replica provides an exciting building experience, perfect for exhibiting or super-aerodynamic driving action. The LEGO Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva also comes with a McLaren driver minifigure, complete with racing suit, helmet and wrench, inspired by Rachel Brown, Senior Design Engineer for Ultimate Models at McLaren Automotive.

LEGO® Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva 2 The new LEGO® Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva!

Rachel has worked on incredible vehicle projects like the McLaren Senna GTR and also helped design and build the LEGO Technic ™ McLaren Senna GTR, which was released this January. In her role, she accompanies the McLaren Ultimate models, including the Elva, from concept to production and manages elements such as track and aerodynamic wind tunnel tests.

“It's amazing to have seen the Elva go from a cross-border concept drawing to the production of the final vehicle. It's a very special feeling to be able to transform all that hard work into the LEGO Speed ​​Champions Elva model that we can share with children and fans all over the world. "

“I've dreamed of driving and testing cars since I was a kid, and I still can't believe it's part of my job. I hope it inspires other young people to follow their passions and pursue careers in the automotive or design and engineering industries. There are so many incredible options. " Rachel Brown, Principle Development Engineer - Ultimate, McLaren Automotive

Fans ages seven and up can explore the structure of the real Elva while building it before demonstrating it or competing against other toy cars from the Speed ​​Champions series, including the McLaren Senna.

LEGO® Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva 3 The new LEGO® Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva!

“As a forward-thinking luxury brand, it is important to us at McLaren Automotive that the partners we work with reflect our passion for innovation and technology and the value we place in inspiring future generations with great design. That's why the collaboration between McLaren and the LEGO Group fits so well, because both brands use creativity and learning to inspire and encourage the designers and engineers of tomorrow. " Gareth Dunsmore, Chief Marketing Officer, McLaren Automotive

“With LEGO Speed ​​Champions, we hope to bring LEGO fans of all ages the car of their dreams and encourage them to believe that they can be anything they want to be, just like Rachel did. So it was a great privilege to work with McLaren and develop a LEGO version of the Elva. We worked closely with the McLaren team, from the idea, when the real Elva was still in the early stages of development, through to the design process. "

"As the first runabout in the LEGO Speed ​​Champions collection, we worked closely with the McLaren team and received initial sketches and early digital renderings of the car that helped us create a completely unique building experience." Chris Stamp, Design Manager, LEGO Speed ​​Champions

McLaren Automotive and the LEGO Group share a common ethos of technical excellence and groundbreaking design. They have a long history of working with iconic supercars such as the McLaren P1 ™, the 720S, the McLaren Senna and the McLaren Senna GTR. The new LEGO® Speed ​​Champions McLaren Elva will be available from June 2021 on LEGO.com, in LEGO stores and at other retailers around the world at an MSRP of € 19,99.

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