AMG marketing campaign "After work" with Lewis Hamilton!

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AMG Lewis Hamilton After work Project one Mercedes 6 AMG marketing campaign "After work" with Lewis Hamilton!

What does the seven-time Formula 1 world champion do after a successful season? Quite clearly - he remains true to his enthusiasm for Formula 1 technology and switches directly to the test vehicle of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar. Lewis Hamilton is testing the current project status in the new "After work" marketing campaign and contributing his know-how from the premier class of motorsport to the final development phase of the hypercar. Because in 2021 Mercedes-AMG will take off electrically. For the first time, the two-seater super sports car brings the most modern and efficient Formula 1 hybrid technology almost one-to-one from the racetrack to the road. In addition, further electrified models and the new AMG technology label E PERFORMANCE will be introduced. The new marketing campaign "After work" from Mercedes-AMG is now broadcast on YouTube, social media channels and selected international TV channels.

AMG marketing campaign "After work"

AMG Lewis Hamilton After work Project one Mercedes 5 AMG marketing campaign "After work" with Lewis Hamilton!

"I still can’t believe that there will soon be a hypercar with a Formula 1 engine. We won the 2015 World Championship with the engine, and I helped develop it for a long time. I was able to drive Project ONE for the filming of the current campaign and I am very proud of the extraordinary performance that Mercedes-AMG has invested in this project. This car is absolutely unique”, Said Lewis Hamilton during the film shoot with the conspicuously camouflaged development vehicle of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE.

Project ONE as a great challenge

AMG Lewis Hamilton After work Project one Mercedes 2 AMG marketing campaign "After work" with Lewis Hamilton!

"The development of Project ONE was a very big challenge, which we as a team faced and now we are igniting the next stage of road approval. With this vehicle, we will strengthen our position as a performance luxury brand. In addition, Project ONE underlines the existing closeness between Formula 1 and Mercedes-AMG more than ever: We have the same motorsport genes and rely on direct technology transfer. The special camouflage of Project ONE also gives a first glimpse of our electrified drive future, which begins in 2021. The color red will play a central role in our new technology label E PERFORMANCE", Says Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Fascinating mix of performance, efficiency and breathtaking driving experience

Project ONE sets the bar for what is currently technically feasible to a new level. The implementation of the complex development is carried out in close collaboration with the Formula 1 experts from Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth, England, and the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team in Brackley. The highly efficient hybrid unit and the electrified front axle ensure a fascinating mix of performance and efficiency. With over 740 kW (1.000 PS) system output and a top speed of more than 350 km / h, this hypercar drives exactly as it looks: breathtaking. The high-performance plug-in hybrid drive comprises an intelligently networked unit consisting of a combustion engine and a total of four electric machines, two of which drive the front wheels, thus enabling variable all-wheel drive.

The 1,6-liter V6 hybrid petrol engine with direct injection and electrically assisted single turbocharging comes from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 racing car. The four overhead camshafts are driven by spur gears. The combustion engine installed in the mid-engine position in front of the rear axle effortlessly rotates up to 11.000 rpm. For longer durability and the use of commercially available super plus petrol instead of racing fuel, however, it deliberately remains below the Formula 1 speed limit.

AMG Lewis Hamilton After work Project one Mercedes 4 AMG marketing campaign "After work" with Lewis Hamilton!

Not only the drive, but also the push-rod chassis and the complex aerodynamics are unthinkable without Formula 1 know-how. The characteristic features range from the flat front section with large air inlets to the elongated tail fin and the powerful rear end with the active aero elements.

Identity as a performance luxury brand is strengthened

Under the new technology label E PERFORMANCE, Mercedes-AMG will start electrifying its portfolio next year and is ready for the next stage of corporate development. At the same time, the connection with Formula 1 is being intensified in order to better reflect the identity as a performance luxury brand. Project ONE is a clear indication of how Mercedes-AMG is using innovative technologies to transfer the Affalterbacher spirit into fascinating, unique products.

About the "After work" marketing campaign

The focus of the campaign is a film showing Lewis Hamilton with Project ONE and which will be broadcast worldwide on December 1, 13 on selected, high-reach TV channels and on the Mercedes-AMG social media Channels on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. This is followed by various cut downs on the social media platforms.

AMG Lewis Hamilton After work Project one Mercedes 3 AMG marketing campaign "After work" with Lewis Hamilton!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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AMG marketing campaign "After work"

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