Well thought out down to the smallest corner: the Advanced RV Camper Van!

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Kasita Mercedes Sprinter Advanced RV Camper Van 1

This video of a rebuilt Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Advanced RV we have to show you. While the look is almost unchanged and the vehicle is hardly noticeable in normal street scenes, it is Interior equipped with a whole flood of options. The vehicle is the newest Kasita RV from the provider Advanced RV, with plenty of room for Fishing rods and even one sword. The sword has a special holder in a closet just behind the driver. It slides into a special mount and there's a cushion to keep it from rattling in the closet. But that's just a small detail. Because the van also has one Bath there as well as one sitting and sleeping area. There are also countless storage facilities and special brackets under the cabinets for a couple of fishing rods. the brackets are magnetic and designed not to rattle.

the Advanced RV Camper Van

In the mentioned bath the possibility is one Outdoor shower integrated and even a custom-made one Litter Box is in. It is located next to the sink and is removable. She sits in a powder-coated aluminum insert. Of course there is also one Toilet for the occupants, there is one Washbasin and everything you need for personal care in the outback. The rest of the motorhome is typical Advanced RV, with even more storage solutions etc. In addition, the camper is equipped with a Fridge and freezer, a portable one Induction hob, a big one kitchen sink and a significant amount of Storage space equipped for groceries and other equipment. And the long lounge sofa converts into a bed for the night.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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