Mercedes-EQ City Abo: Berlin pilot project starts in October

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Mercedes EQ City Abo 1 Mercedes EQ City Abo: Berlin pilot project starts in October

Berlin. With the Mercedes-EQ City Abo, Mercedes-Benz is taking another step towards sustainable and resource-saving mobility. With an attractive complete package, the existing subscription model of the EQA is supplemented by the high-quality Power 7 e-bike from Swapfiets, a monthly charge credit and additional services such as the Mercedes me Eco Coach, maintenance and service. The limited number of available Mercedes-EQ City Abo starts on October 18, 2021 as a pilot project and is initially available in selected locations of the Mercedes-Benz Berlin branch.

Mercedes-EQ City subscription

In addition to the already available subscription models of the EQC 400 4MATIC, the EQV and the EQA 250, the portfolio of Mercedes-EQ subscriptions is supplemented by a unique complete package: With the Mercedes-EQ City subscription, customers can travel fully electrically and with full flexibility . Whether in the EQA or on the e-bike - with the subscription package at an all-inclusive price, you can experience mobility in a new way.

Mercedes EQ City Abo 2 Mercedes EQ City Abo: Berlin pilot project starts in October

As a pilot project, the Mercedes-EQ City Abo will start on October 18, 2021 from a monthly price of 799 euros initially exclusively and limited in selected locations of the Mercedes-Benz branch in Berlin: Mercedes Welt am Salzufer, Center Marienfelde, Center Marzahn and AirportCenter Schönefeld. The one-time entry fee of 400 euros is charged at the beginning of the subscription. It includes fully comprehensive insurance for the EQA 250 with a deductible of 1.500 euros as well as tires, maintenance, service and assistance in the event of accidents or other incidents. The regular subscription term is 24 months, but can be terminated earlier with a 3-month notice period. A monthly mileage of 1.250 kilometers is included, multi-kilometer packages are possible for a surcharge. As a micromobility supplement, the e-bike "Power 7" from Swapfiets is also included in the subscription.

Mercedes EQ City Abo 1 Mercedes EQ City Abo: Berlin pilot project starts in October

"The Mercedes-EQ City Abo not only offers our customers an attractive extension of the existing EQA subscription, but also another important step towards flexible, sustainable, urban mobility," says Jens Kunath, Head of Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars Germany . “This subscription model combines many exciting advantages. It enables an easy entry into electromobility, in which customers can deal with the new vehicle technology and get to know its advantages without any long-term commitment. At the same time, the e-bike opens up another way of moving around the city flexibly and locally emission-free, depending on the situation. "

Thanks to Green Charging, customers can travel sustainably by using Mercedes me Charge free of charge. A monthly charging credit of 100 euros, which can be redeemed at over 200.000 Mercedes me Charge charging points across Europe, is also included. By using the Mercedes me Eco Coach app, customers not only have their "personal" trainer for environmentally friendly driving at their disposal, but also the opportunity to take part in regional, Berlin-specific challenges and to support local donation projects by participating in the challenge .

About the EQA 250

With the EQA 250 with 140 kW and a WLTP range of 426 kilometers, Mercedes-Benz has put the third vehicle of the EQ brand on the road. The EQA is another milestone in Mercedes-Benz's Ambition 2039 strategy. In terms of quality, safety and comfort, the EQA is a typical Mercedes-Benz and impresses with its extensive standard equipment.

Mercedes EQA 250 Mercedes EQ City Abo: Berlin pilot project starts in October

Via the Swapfiets "Power 7" e-bike

The “Power 7” from Swapfiets is included in the Mercedes-EQ City subscription. The high-quality e-bike impresses with seven gears and a 250 watt motor, with which a speed of up to 25 km / h and a range of up to 145 kilometers can be achieved. The removable battery can be charged at a household socket within 7,5 hours. In addition, Swapfiets offers customers of the Mercedes-EQ City subscription carefree use of the e-bike including maintenance on site in the service area Berlin or in the Swapfiets store through the Swapfiets service.

Swapfiets “Power 7 E Bike Mercedes EQ City Abo: Berlin pilot project starts in October

Via Circular Mobility in the Mercedes-EQ City Abo

With Circular Mobility, Mercedes-Benz is laying the foundation for the future in urban areas. The Mercedes-EQ City Abo is an important step towards resource-saving, sustainable mobility. These include, for example, the recycled materials in the interior of the EQA, the situational and conscious use of the vehicle or e-bike as well as the flexible usage period thanks to the subscription model. The promotion of Green Charge through the use of the Mercedes me Charge ecosystem should also be emphasized. Mercedes-Benz ensures subsequent compensation with green electricity for every charging process carried out via Mercedes me Charge. In this way, customers can already reduce their personal carbon footprint and make a contribution to the energy transition.

About Urban Mobility Solutions

The Urban Mobility Solutions department was set up to make cities more livable with safe, sustainable, efficient and barrier-free mobility products. By working with city representatives, transport companies, cross-sector partners and experts inside and outside Mercedes-Benz, new challenges and trends are identified and addressed at an early stage. The aim is to develop a world-leading portfolio of the best vehicles for cities, data-based mobility products and citizen-oriented urban mobility systems - for current and future generations.

Urban Mobility Solutions Mercedes Mercedes EQ City Abo: Berlin pilot project starts in October

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Mercedes EQ City Abo 1 Mercedes EQ City Abo: Berlin pilot project starts in October

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