Lots of light: Texino Atrium Camper Van concept 2022!

Los Angeles-based RV builder and designer Gabriel Wartofsky Design has some spectacular news to share. And in the form of Atrium concept. The atrium is clearly inspired by the classic Airstream trailers. Inside there is a highly modern Interior with a fully equipped kitchenette (with sink, stove, refrigerator), there are two sleeping areas and even a loft. In any case, the highlight is the back. Because she has one XXL observation window for a fantastic view depending on the camping destination. There are three more portholes installed on each side and two skylights on the roof, which let even more light into the interior. And according to Wartofsky it should Texino Atrium Camper Van Concept 2022 even be built from sustainable materials and, if possible, stand on an electrically operated chassis. Since the vehicle is clearly based on a Mercedes Sprinter, that would be sprinter a possible basis.

Texino Atrium Camper Van concept

Während Motorhomes are not really known for offering a spacious view from their mostly very comfortable interiors, this could change with the glass wall change in the rear area from the camper van concept Atrium. In addition, the geometric bay window on the back and the angular design ensure a very futuristic look. And the two Spare tire under the window even exude a certain versatility. By the way, the bay window is the sitting area of the mobile home and it looks like it could go into a sleeping bed be transformed. In addition, a completely separate appears Bath to be positioned between the kitchenette and the driver's cab. We are curious to see whether the van concept will actually be implemented. According to Gabriel Wartofsky Design, however, it is already under construction.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Texino Atrium Camper Van Concept 2022!
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