MG was a well-known British car brand founded by 1924, with four reboots in the current history. The brand is part of Rover Group until 2005 until 2007 becomes Nanjing Automobil Group and currently Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. The beginnings were recorded with the sports model "Morris Oxford" in Oxford. At that time the development progressed very fast, followed by the models 14 / 40 and the M-Type Midget. Some of the vehicles drove successfully at smaller racing events and thus contributed to brand awareness. MG became the symbol of sporty vehicles and continued to develop rapidly. Between 1945 and 1980 the most successful time of the mark should come, at times eight sales hits ran at the same time from the tape. These should then be the last, as the production end 1980 expired, it was very quiet around the brand MG. After several name changes, purchases (for example by BMW) remained at the end, due to lack of investors and low sales, only the bankruptcy in the year 2005. Due to the large number of vehicles, a relatively strong tuning community still exists today. In owner clubs, various old models are once again subjected to vehicle tuning and presented at trade fairs and shows. A real reboot is not yet in sight, but in Europe and Asia, the brand of "SAIC Motor Technical Center" revived and designs and develops there the current MG models "MG 3", "MG GS" and ZS.

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