Morris Motor Company (Mini)

The Morris Motor Company started 1913 with the production of bicycles and has been able to establish itself in the automotive industry over the years. Until the release of 1952, the British company was based in Cowley, Oxfordshire, and brought 38 models to market during this period. Thanks to the takeover of assembly line production by Henry Ford the production could be increased further and further. Morris had an excellent reputation and subsequently took over several competitors and suppliers to achieve their own independence. Correctly exists, at least the brand Morris, even today, 1952 merged the company with the largest competitor Austin, this merger ended 1968 again in a merger to British Leyland Motor Corporation. At the end of this corporation were represented by 25 brands that are still found on the market after splits, including, for example, Mini, Daimler, Jaguar and MG, In the original production site sits today BMW and produces the current Mini there. There are still many private associations in so-called owner clubs that carry out vehicle tuning and restoration work on their models. Even smaller, local car and tuning shows are organized by such clubs.

High out - Delta 4 × 4 Mini Countryman = 40mm higher

Delta 4x4 Mini Countryman 40mm Raise Tuning 1 1 e1469852573237 310x165 High out Delta 4x4 Mini Countryman = 40mm higher

We have created a photo album for you that shows an off-road Mini Countryman with a Delta 4 × 4 lift by 40mm that you absolutely have to see! Unfortunately, we are referring to the vehicle from Autohaus Nord GmbH (BMW, MINI authorized service company of BMW AG and Hyundai authorized dealers) ...

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