M-Sport turns the Fiat Panda into a widebody rally star!

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M Sport Fiat Panda Widebody Rallye Tuning 1 M Sport turns the Fiat Panda into a widebody rally star!

Today we have something very special for you. Namely by the British motorsport specialists from "M-Sport". The boys and girls have been building racing cars for decades, which are particularly successful in the rally vehicle category. Of the M Sport Ford Fiesta R5 Mk1 has celebrated almost 1.000 victories on every imaginable rally track in the world, for example. But the last project presented is for once no Ford. At least not really ... Because at the customer's request, you have an old one Fiat Panda of the first generation rebuilt. As is well known, it was produced from 1980 to 2003 and was actually almost unchanged over the entire period. Even if Fiat sees it differently, with the Panda Mk1986 presented in 2 with the then new Fire engine and the subsequent almost 30 (!!!) special models and micro facelifts up to 2003. Yes, back to the M-Sport vehicle!

Fiat Panda Widebody Rally Car!

The unique piece with the original shape of a shoebox became a thoroughbred Rally car transformed. And M-Sport has now officially presented the end result. The result still looks more or less like a shoebox, but a much more powerful one. And when you look at it from the side, at least at first glance, the conversion is a little reminiscent of you Lancia Delta Integrale.

And that can definitely be understood as praise! Apart from the basic body, the one-off has almost nothing to do with the original Fiat Panda. Because in fact the Party R5 in the game. Because he's sitting under the widened shell and represents the Chassis. In order for the body to fit on the substructure, it was enormous 36 centimeters widerwhich resulted in the look of a Group B racing car.

the performance has also increased tremendously

The fender are clearly widened and angular, the is adapted to this front apron and also thick side skirts, a modified one rear apron but "no“Rear wings are part of it. And then there would be the drive. That comes from Ford, and specifically it is a 1,6-liter EcoBoost in-line four-cylinder with good 300 PS & 450 Nm torque. The series had a maximum of 54 PS from the four-cylinder with a maximum size of 1108 cc, four times less power is available. The engine is coupled to a sequential one Sadev five-speed gearbox and there was ever one differential front and back. And it goes on with that Interior. Hardly anything of the original panda can be seen here either.

You have tried that dashboard to adapt the design to that of back then, but with regard to the other details, this detail is literally lost. The cabin is almost empty and only reduced to the essentials. You can see Racing seats with six-point belts, there is an FIA certified Roll bar and no back seat. For this you have a full-fledged spare thought. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Photo credit: M-Sport (Ford Tuning)

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