Performance monster: Mil-Spec Automotive M1-R Hummer!

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mil spec m1 r front view 4 Performance Monsters: Mil Spec Automotive M1 R Hummer!

Photos by Mil-Spec Automotive

After some time nothing from the company Mil-Spec Automotive from Birmingham, Michigan, USA, now comes a real blast. And again on the basis of one Hummer H1. And it fits perfectly into the existing repertoire of Hummer H1 creations from Mil-Spec Automotive. The newest variant is called M1-R and impresses with a stately interior decoration, with a strong Upgrade Outside including striking Painting and of course a lot Power under the hood. As always, it is of course an absolutely unique piece, but always with it similar configurations can be ordered. Just completely identical vehicles is available from Mil-Spec Automotive should not. As already mentioned, the basis for the conversion is a classic Hummer H1. He has a complete redesigned interior receive what, according to Mil-Spec, is the most luxurious variant of all.

Mil-Spec Automotive M1-R Hummer!

mil spec m1 r rear view 4 Performance Monsters: Mil Spec Automotive M1 R Hummer!

Every little bit of plastic has been redesigned and even that Selector lever and the steering wheel are completely new. There was also one new electronics including an electronic gear indicator and a electric parking brake and even one ultra-modern two-zone air conditioning and High-end sound system from JL Audio is installed. In addition, every millimeter is included new carpet covered or with nappa Upholstered in yellow and black. But even with the high-quality components and materials, the interior still looks functional and not overloaded. After all, the character of the H1 should be retained. So the wide center console continues to separate the occupants on the left and right. The wide, flat dashboard only has that basic ads installed and the M1-R is still a four-seater. Albeit a very luxurious one now.

500 PS (373 kW) and 1.356 Newton meters

And a lot has happened too under the hood. Because here sits once again 6,6 liter Duramax diesel V8 with turbocharger and at least 500 PS (373 kW) and 1.356 Newton meters of torque. If that's not enough, you can even upgrade to up to 800 PS (596 kW) and 1.627 Nm order. The is switched Restomod classic by the way with one Allison 1000 T6 automatic transmission and Mil-Spec relies on the chassis Rod Hall endurance racing suspension. And of course a proper braking system is also part of it.

mil spec m1 r engine performance monster: Mil Spec Automotive M1 R Hummer!

And one Six-piston version from Wilwood all around. And outside? The M1-R is particularly noticeable! Based on the interior, there was one here too bright yellow paint paired with many Black accents. The yellow is an interpretation of the Competition yellowthat was offered on the old H1 at the time. At that time, however, they were not offered LED lights front and back, the additional LED lighting all around, the different Pipes, which winches or the fender flares.

Black Rhino rims and off-road slippers

And the mighty ones too 20 inch rims from Black Rhino with tremendous Off-road tires has never been ex-works like this. Mil-Spec has the entire vehicle on the outside powder-coated and paid special attention to difficult components like the Door hinges or the vents the hood. By the way, if you don't necessarily want such a bright yellow, you can fall back on a wide range of colors. Only in terms of price is there not really much leeway if the vehicle is to look like the M1-R. The cost is huge 412.000 US Dollars. However, the M1-R has also built in everything that the American company Mil-Spec Automotive has to offer. Basically, it starts anew M1 line at $ 299.500. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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