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The ultimate M8! BMW 850ci (E31) with V10 engine!

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M8 BMW 850ci E31 V10 engine Restomod Swap 3 The ultimate M8! BMW 850ci (E31) with V10 engine!

Forget the new 8 series (G15, G14, G16) including the 625 hp M vehicles from BMW! This BMW 850Ci the old generation E31 is for us, and especially for me, the ultimate BMW M8. I myself drove an 850Ci with 300 hp twelve-cylinder for a few years and I am still deeply impressed by the technology and the entire vehicle. Only I was never the biggest fan of the V12 under the hood. The 840Ci with eight cylinders Back then it was simply too expensive for me and hardly available from the priceless one 850CSI not to mention. And right after my 850, I was the proud owner of one E60 M5 V10 with valve system by Enco Exclusive. A vehicle whose engine was phenomenal. Only the look of the E60 generation, especially in the interior, never appealed to me 100%. This E31, which is from Stefan Kotze fur das Speed ​​Hunters Magazine was photographed, unites the dreamlike 10-cylinder of the M5 with the beautiful Optics from the 8 from then. Certainly not just an absolute dream for me!

BMW 850ci (E31) with V10 engine!

M8 BMW 850ci E31 V10 engine Restomod Swap 4 The ultimate M8! BMW 850ci (E31) with V10 engine!

And the vehicle even has the complete one Interieur installed by the donor vehicle. Incidentally, this was not an M5, but the technically identical M6 Coupe (E63). The 8, by the way only 30 minutes was only allowed to be built exactly 30 minutes on the streets in South Africa. There it was assembled at the BMW Rosslyn plant for tax reasons. More than two thirds had the V12 under the hood and only four of them were with one 6-speed manual transmission fitted. But this particular specimen wasn't one of them. It was bought directly from the UK by the owner imported. As an 850Ci with the 5,4 l M73B54 V12 under the hood and 326 hp and 490 Nm. Yes, the new owner wanted more. In cooperation with Wessel from the team Motor Cade Motorsport a plan was forged in Bellville. The 850Ci should be the Technique from E63 M6 received and thus to Restomod will. And it succeeded without referring to the complex conversion from the outside.

only details reveal the conversion

M8 BMW 850ci E31 V10 engine Restomod Swap 12 The ultimate M8! BMW 850ci (E31) with V10 engine!

The 850ci shows itself with Xenon headlights in the hinged OEM lights, One rain sensor and parking sensors and Backup camera in the apron, an indication of the Engine Swap but that is of course not. Even the fully functional heated and electric M6-mirrors do not indicate the conversion. A look through the 20 inch Vossen graphite CV5 rims with Falken Azenis FK458 tires (255 / 30R20 and 295 / 25R20) on the other hand more likely. They give you a glimpse of the huge one M6 brake system with the mighty calipers and the large perforated brake discs. Even the layman should realize this can not be is the braking system of a 30 year old eight. If only the owner had on them OEM star spoke M167 set by the M6, the car would be perfect. But of course that's a matter of taste. Let's stay with the technology.

complete M6 drive train installed

M8 BMW 850ci E31 V10 engine Restomod Swap 33 The ultimate M8! BMW 850ci (E31) with V10 engine!

The 850Ci has the complete M6 drive train inklusive electronic differential sowie die Before the- and rear suspension obtained with electronic dampers. Also, all driver assistants like that ABS and the traction control are taken over and work perfectly. And in the cabin, the driver and front passenger actually don't expect the 850 dashboard, but the one from the E63. Showing up everywhere Carbon and even on that M6 multifunction steering wheel with electrical adjustment was not waived. Everything was adjusted in painstaking manual work and finally electronically matched, Even the Start / stop button, the automatic power windows, which Cruise Control and as an absolute highlight even that Head-Up Display function. That, including the newer ones NBT version from iDrive system with Performance indicators, MENU and Automatic air conditioning, Getting it to work is a little work of art.

493 PS and 491 Nm torque

Of course you also sit up M6 sitting with full function and also the door panels are optimally adapted. Still, one of the biggest challenges was that S85 V10 engine to make the M6 ​​functional. To get the engine under the hood at all, the Bulkhead be changed and that's what bonnet a specially adapted Component. The engine was also complete revised and is now enjoying himself forged piston and pleuel, Racing bearings and a specially adapted one Sports exhaust system. The measured output power are from 493 HP and 491 Nm torquethat by means of 7-speed SMG transmission from the M6 ​​to the Rear wheels sent. By the way, he can 850Ci-V10 by the way from serviced at every BMW dealer. Why do we mention this? Because the 8 for sale stands! If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

cb no thumbnail The ultimate M8! BMW 850ci (E31) with V10 engine!

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M8 BMW 850ci E31 V10 engine Restomod Swap 36 The ultimate M8! BMW 850ci (E31) with V10 engine!

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The ultimate M8! BMW 850ci (E31) with V10 engine!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 The ultimate M8! BMW 850ci (E31) with V10 engine!

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