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A mountain of muscles with 512 PS: the Manhart Defender DP 500!

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2021 Manhart Land Rover Defender DP 500 L663 Bodykit 31 muscle mountain with 512 PS: the Manhart Defender DP 500!

As is well known, Land Rover rolled out the new Defender L663 last year. A typical SUV with a distinctive design and good off-road mobility. But also a vehicle that for many is the legacy of its legendary ancestor can not be holds in honor. For many, the new one is just another SUV on the market. But everyone has their own opinion here. However, we undoubtedly find what Manhart Performance does with the new model successful. They have their own technically and visually significantly modified Defender as DP 500 presented. However, it has to be said that the DP 500 is even further removed from the old Defender than the series. Because it cannot be overlooked that the British chunk with a German tuning surcharge only wants to be on the road and can not be scramble over hill and dale. After the renovation, the black model no longer works off-road.

Manhart Defender DP 500

But the DP 500 looks very sporty! And the majority of customers will also prefer this variant. Because only very few vehicles are really on the road in tough off-road terrain. Incidentally, the basis for the conversion was set Defender P400 AWD with long, five-door body version 110.

The factory has a three-liter in-line six-cylinder gasoline engine with turbocharging, which is standard 400 PS and 550 Nm shakes off his sleeve. And that's exactly where Manhart comes in. Means Remapping of the engine control software (Chiptuning) the tuner helps the unit to make a leap in performance 512 PS and 710 Nm torque. This puts you on the level of the top model with a five-liter supercharged V8.

Manhart stainless steel exhaust system in progress

2021 Manhart Land Rover Defender DP 500 L663 Bodykit 33 muscle mountain with 512 PS: the Manhart Defender DP 500!

And it will soon be the current one still in preparation Manhart stainless steel exhaust system Finished with carbon-coated or ceramic-coated tailpipes, then the DP 500 is acoustically safe for the 525 PS (90 P525 AWD) colossus consider. At the same time, we are sure that Manhart will not leave the supercharged V8 untouched either. We're tapping the here Manhart Defender DP 700, which will probably produce over 700 PS and around 800 NM. But that is still a long way off. Let's stay with the DP 500. The black exhibition vehicle has significantly more power, but the braking system is still standard. But Manhart has an optional Brake upgrade in stock. On the other hand, it is no longer series landing gear. The factory air suspension can be omitted approx. 30 millimeters from what either by adapting the software or with the help of adjustable coupling rods can be reached.

Manhart Forged Line rims in the format 10 × 24 inches

And visually something has really changed. The DP 500 got new shoes in the form of Manhart Forged Line rims in XXL format 10 × 24 inches with a light gray finish and tires in the dimensions 295 / 30ZR24. Alternatively, it is also a little smaller with the Manhart Concave One Alus in the format 10,5 × 22 inches with a black finish and gold trim and 295/40 tires. You can see the aluminum wheel on the Tailgate of the Defender. Due to the larger cross-section, this variant should also be a little more suitable for off-road use. Manhart still installed his own on the body fender flares in body color and all others are included Exterior add-on parts and even the Engine cover painted in body color. The black body is still an eye-catcher Decorative stripes in silver applied and something has also happened in the cabin.

Interior with Manhart ErgoMed front seats

In the interior, tuner Manhart provides a high-quality Leather / Alcantara equipment including individually selectable accents and with various Manhart badges for even more luxury. And there was even a set of electrically adjustable ones for the driver and front passenger Manhart ErgoMed front seats from Recaro with seat heating and ventilation as well as integrated airbags. If we get more information about the changes to the Manhart Defender DP 500, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

2021 Manhart Land Rover Defender DP 500 L663 Bodykit 29 muscle mountain with 512 PS: the Manhart Defender DP 500!

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2021 Manhart Land Rover Defender DP 500
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