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BMW M3 (G80) as Manhart MH3 600 Edition 1 No. 01/05

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BMW M3 G80 Manhart MH3 600 Edition 1 Tuning 5 BMW M3 (G80) as Manhart MH3 600 Edition 1 No. 01/05

Photo credit: Manhart Performance

In January, the tuner Manhart Performance is known to have the brand new one BMW M3 and M4 (G80 / G82) as MH3 / MH4 teased. And now at least it is MH3 600 already completed based on the M3 model year 2021. At least the "BMW MANHART MH3 600 Edition 1 No. 01/05“For sale on the tuner's website. And the MANHART MH4 600 Edition 1 as a technically identical coupe variant should not be long in coming. We assume that both vehicles will receive identical changes and that only the body components will differ slightly due to their design. But let's stay with the M3. The vehicle from the pictures and from the video has that MANHART performance kit to 625 PS and 780 Nm torque (0-100 km / h in 3,94s, 0-200 km / h in 10,5s, 100-200 km / h in 6,57s) and both have received a lot of changes to the body and chassis.

Manhart MH3 600 Edition 1

And the YouTubers "AutoTopNL" were allowed to M3 as MH3 600 already chasing the highway and testing it extensively. The vehicle is apparently not a Edition 1 copy, but especially from a technical point of view, the changes are likely to be negligible or not at all.

At first glance, we only notice the color design of the "Manhart war paint" and the other color MANHART Concave One 21 inch wheelset (both picture galleries at the end of the post). The MH3 600 got a subtle lowering by means of MANHART suspension upgrade by H&R and is responsible for the brilliant soundscape MANHART exhaust system as "OPF / Cat Delete" variant. So a system without the OFP filter and thus in this country not eligible.

Carbon components on the body

Both vehicles have to do this Full carbon a Front spoiler + front bumper wing (canards / sidewings), side skirts and one rear spoiler receive. And while we only see that from the video in the cabin of the vehicle Manhart badge on the sports steering wheel, the tuner speaks of significantly more possibilities here too. For example from MANHART full carbon seat cover as well as a Full carbon interior package. What especially the Full carbon seat cover should be, or whether this is simply a mistake, we will hopefully find out. But we think that is what is meant Covering the backrest. As soon as we have more information about the MH3 600, this article will of course be amended accordingly. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Potent power limo MANHART MH3 600:

  • Basis: BMW G80 M3 Competition
  • Performance increase from 510 PS and 650 Nm using MHtronik additional control unit to 625 PS (635 PS) and 780 Nm
  • about 10,5 seconds at 200 km / h
  • approx. 17 seconds to 250 km / h (four seconds faster than the production vehicle)
  • Intermediate sprint 100 to 200 km / h in 6,42 seconds
  • MANHART Performance stainless steel rear silencer with flap function (four optionally carbon-coated or ceramic-coated 100 millimeter tailpipes)
  • Optional MANHART "Race" downpipes without catalysts + MANHART OPF-Delete replacement pipes with 200-cell HJS cats available (without TÜV approval)
  • optional OPF deleter (without TÜV)
  • MANHART lowering by means of H&R springs (30 millimeters at the front and 10 millimeters at the rear)
  • or MANHART variant 4 coilover kit by KW Suspensions with special MANHART coordination
  • 21-inch forged wheels (forged MANHART Concave One rims in satin black with gold rim decoration or completely in gold, format 9 × 21 inches with 255 / 30ZR21 front and rear 295 / 25ZR21 on 10,5 × 21-inch rims)
  • Brake system can be individually configured on request
  • MANHART design with gold accents on a glossy black background
  • Carbon body kit (front spoiler, rear spoiler, side skirts, Aero Flicks - M Performance program, carbon rear diffuser)
  • MANHART Performance two-part carbon fiber back shells for the sports seats

MANHART MH3 600 BMW Tuning 6 BMW M3 (G80) as Manhart MH3 600 Edition 1 No. 01/05

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BMW M3 (G80) as Manhart MH3 600 Edition 1 No. 01/05

BMW M3 G80 Manhart MH3 600 Edition 1 Tuning 4 BMW M3 (G80) as Manhart MH3 600 Edition 1 No. 01/05

BMW M3 (G80) Manhart MH3 600

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