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Even fatter: Manhart MHX6 700 WB BMW X6 (F96)

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Even fatter: Manhart MHX6 700 WB BMW X6 (F96)

Already ex works is the BMW X6 M Competition (F96) one of the most impressive phenomena in road traffic at all. An enormous 4,94 meters in length meet a width of 2,02 meters and the height is not necessarily dainty at 1,69 meters. And by the way, the X6 also has an unladen weight of just under 2,4 tonnes. Even the 625 hp and 750 Nm torque of the F96 sound somehow not unfounded. But, as always, the MANHART Performance team from Wuppertal is of the opinion that the vehicle should increase its number again in every respect. And so comes after that Manhart MH5 GTR as "One-Off-One" BMW M5 CS now a clearly visible and noticeable doped X6 M at the start.

Manhart MHX6 700WB BMW X6

And the X6 is now officially called "MANHART MHX6 700WB". And that the abbreviation WB stands for "Widebody" in this case - and not for "less wide" - that should go without saying. The plus in area is made possible by one 24-piece wide body kit from extremely conspicuous Forged carbon.

The new ones are equipped with the particularly distinctive fiber structure front spoiler, the kidneys, the two-part rear spoiler, the aggressive one rear diffuser, the side skirts, the fat fender flares all around and also the Mirror covers. But also smaller details like the inserts in the Hood (this is made entirely of carbon, by the way), the distinctive ones M mirror caps to the sideblades on the rear apron are in Forged Carbon running.

Charcoal Metallic “full film

Even fatter: Manhart MHX6 700 WB BMW X6 (F96)

And everything that doesn't shine in carbon is in one "Matte Charcoal Metallic" full film including MANHART decor set wrapped. On the other hand, they shine much more “civilian” Concave One 22-inch forged wheels. The double-spoke aluminum is painted in a silk-matt black. The wheel set fills the front wheel arches in the dimensions 10,5 × 22 with tires in the format 295 / 30R22, and at the rear there are even 11,5 × 22 inches with 315 / 30R22 slippers. And so that the wheel set sits perfectly in the wheel arch, there was another one Lowering by means of lowering springs from H&R by approx. 30 millimeters. And of course there was also more power. The 4,4-liter twin-turbo V8 of the MHX6 700 WB increases from the factory 625 PS and 750 Nm to now 730 PS and 900 Nm.

MHtronik additional control unit or ECU chip tuning

The increase in performance is made possible either by means of MHtronik additional control unit or with one ECU chip tuning for the engine control unit. Especially in combination with the MANHART stainless steel exhaust system including flap function and 100 millimeter tailpipes (Ceramic-coated or with carbon sheathing), of course, the soundscape cannot be compared with the series. And if you want to overdo it completely, you can also use the optional MANHART Race down pipes without catalysts, OPF delete Replacement pipes and an OPF / GPFDeleter. Then there is an admission here in Germany not More to think. The brake system is on the photo vehicle, apart from MANHART design multi-piston caliper, by the way completely standard. However, Manhart also has an optional upgrade in stock here.

And based on the exterior, MANHART Performance also has the forged carbon look in brought the cabin. This includes a total of 12 parts Forged carbon interior kitso that the dashboard, the spokes / shift paddles of the M sports steering wheel, the center console, the door panels, the back shells and the console panels of the sports seats now shine in the look of the body kit. If we get more information about the Manhart MHX6 700 WB BMW X6 (F96), there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

another vehicle from 12.2021

We discovered another MANHART MHX6 700. Apart from the color scheme and the wheelset, the changes are almost identical to those on the vehicle presented at the beginning. The following is an overview of the changes on this BMW X6 (F96):

Even fatter: Manhart MHX6 700 WB BMW X6 (F96)

  • Basis: current BMW X6 (SUV-Coupé) with factory 625 PS and 750 Nm (competition variant) from a 4,4-liter twin-turbo V8
  • Name: MANHART MHX6 700
  • Power upgrade to 730 PS & 900 Nm
    - optionally with MANHART MHtronik additional control unit or ECU remapping (classic chip tuning)
  • MANHART stainless steel exhaust system with flap function
    - Four 100-millimeter tailpipes optionally coated with carbon or ceramic-coated
    - Optional: MANHART Race-Downpipes without catalyst (without TÜV approval)
    - Optional: MANHART stainless steel OPF delete replacement pipes (without TÜV approval)
    - Optional: MANHART OPF / GPF Deleter (without TÜV approval)
  • Optional: optimized brake system
  • Chassis optimization and MANHART lowering by 30 mm (H&R springs)
  • Rims: MANHART Classic Line Y-spokes (satin black and colored accents in gold, 10,5 × 22 inches, 295/30 tires
  • Decoration with MANHART decor set
  • Forged carbon body kit consisting of front spoiler, radiator grille, side skirts, two-part rear spoiler, diffuser, mirror caps, two-part rear side slats, side rear apron approaches
  • MANHART interior with floor mats and Forged Carbon components (eight-part interior kit including steering wheel spoke covers and shift paddles)

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Even fatter: Manhart MHX6 700 WB BMW X6 (F96)

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Even fatter: Manhart MHX6 700 WB BMW X6 (F96)

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Even fatter: Manhart MHX6 700 WB BMW X6 (F96)

Manhart MHX6 700 WB BMW X6 (F96 / G06) - a widebody bolide in a forged carbon outfit
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