"MANSORY Cabrera" - 810 PS Lamborghini Aventator SVJ!

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MANSORY Cabrera Lamborghini Aventator SVJ Tuning 4 "MANSORY Cabrera" 810 PS Lamborghini Aventator SVJ!

The so-called "black fighting bull" has been bred for more than 500 years. There are several breeding lines of the "Toro de Lidia", the Spanish fighting bull, which differ from each other in terms of their physical proportions and / or their color. The best known and most important breeding lines are - besides the world-famous "Gallardo" and Miura "lines also the" Cabrera "line. Wild, powerful, full of temperament - with these attributes, this breeding line also proves to be the perfect namesake for another high-performance creation from MANSORY with its headquarters in the Bavarian brand:

The new "MANSORY Cabrera"

MANSORY Cabrera Lamborghini Aventator SVJ Tuning 7 "MANSORY Cabrera" 810 PS Lamborghini Aventator SVJ!

The completely redesigned carbon body is reminiscent of a fighting bull in an attacking position. The reference to the shape of camouflage aircraft also gives the "MANSORY Cabrera" a very desirable, attack-conscious look. In addition to the optics, the technology also undergoes numerous improvements. For example, the striking air intakes on the front apron optimize the cooler’s fresh air flow. Together with the specially developed front lip, there is also an improved downforce for more traction overall. Striking side skirts and the grown wheel arches show the MANSORY signature on the side. And here too, visual enjoyment and technical functionality go hand in hand. Because the new carbon components not only look impressively good, they also act as an air control unit and supply large quantities of fresh air to both the unit under the new full carbon bonnet and the rear brake system.

newly developed double diffuser

The newly developed double diffuser is responsible for the perfect execution of the air flow underneath the vehicle and the large rear spoiler for the downforce on the rear axle in cooperation with the rear apron, which also generates additional downforce. The vehicle width of the "MANSORY Cabrera" is also increased by 4 cm in the course of the body conversion. All of these aerodynamic improvements are imperative because the "MANSORY Cabrera" clearly exceeds the performance values ​​of the standard Aventador. The powerful V12 engine with its 6,5 liter displacement was completely rebuilt by MANSORY. The result of this complex conversion process is a leap in performance that even discerning connoisseurs simply love: MANSORY pushes the basic output of 700 hp to a peak output of 810 hp. The maximum torque is 780 Nm. The impressive result: the super sports car needs exactly 2,6 seconds to sprint from zero to 100 km / h and its propulsion only ends at almost unrivaled 355 km / h.

powerful four-pipe exhaust system

MANSORY Cabrera Lamborghini Aventator SVJ Tuning 8 "MANSORY Cabrera" 810 PS Lamborghini Aventator SVJ!

The "MANSORY Cabrera" playfully shakes even quick intermediate sprints of any kind from the depths of its almost inexhaustible torque reservoir. The powerful sound is generated by a powerful four-pipe exhaust system, which makes a visually impressive statement between the rear lights at the rear and unmistakably testifies that 810 horses are doing their job here when necessary. In order to transfer this immense power of the twelve-cylinder to the asphalt without slipping, MANSORY relies on forged light alloy wheels in the dimensions 9X20 and 13 × 21 inches in conjunction with the high-performance Pirelli P ZERO tires in 255 / 30ZR20 at the front and 355 / 25ZR21 at the rear. The standard all-wheel drive serves as the perfect drive technology. The completely new and exclusively developed LED main headlights, also known from “Le MANSORY”, are of particular importance. This lighting system, divided into four individual headlights, gives the "MANSORY Cabrera" a dynamic look, which on the one hand clearly distinguishes it from the standard SVJ, on the other hand it is quoted in the best possible way and gives it an independent look through newly drawn contours and enlarged air inlets.

Family resemblance with the "Le MANSORY"

The optics achieved with the “MANSORY Cabrera” also give it a family resemblance to the “Le MANSORY”. Also in the interior - as is generally the case with all MANSORY complete conversions - almost not a single component was left untouched by the MANSORY specialists. The “Vento Verde” color chosen for the exterior is also used as a color accent in the interior. Decorated with arrow-shaped decorative stitching and "Forged Carbon" applications refine the interior in numerous details and give the "MANSORY Cabrera" a sporty note with a technical appearance at the highest level. The "MANSORY Cabrera" is limited to 3 units worldwide. If we receive more information in a timely manner, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

MANSORY Cabrera Lamborghini Aventator SVJ Tuning 1 "MANSORY Cabrera" 810 PS Lamborghini Aventator SVJ!

(Photos: Mansory design)

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"MANSORY Cabrera" - 810 PS Lamborghini Aventator SVJ!

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