"MANSORY F8XX" - complete conversion of the Ferrari F8 Tributo!

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MANSORY F8XX Ferrari F8 Tributo Tuning 3 "MANSORY F8XX" Complete conversion of the Ferrari F8 Tributo!

Photo credit: Mansory design

After MANSORY presented the open “MANSORY Stallone GTS (MY21)” a few weeks ago, a Spider for the very highest demands on open-top driving, another super sports car from the Italian luxury manufacturer from Maranello will now be presented within a very short time - the completely new “ MANSORY F8XX “based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo. While the "MANSORY Stallone GTS (MY21)" is primarily designed for the discerning MANSORY customers, for whom the pleasure of open-top driving is the focus, the "MANSORY F8XX" clearly and unmistakably aims in the direction of high performance and uncompromising lightweight construction, also for those customers of MANSORY, who expect and want exactly these properties from their vehicle.


But as always, a complete vehicle conversion from MANSORY impresses not only with its high technical demands on increased performance, but also with its visual charms, which clearly underline the technical demands visually.

MANSORY F8XX Ferrari F8 Tributo Tuning 7 "MANSORY F8XX" Complete conversion of the Ferrari F8 Tributo!

The special paint "Catania Green" may attract the viewer's attention at first, but the countless details of the "MANSORY F8XX", which have been lovingly and handcrafted at the highest level, also manage to cast a spell on the viewer almost at the same time. so that the F8XX is able to present itself to the viewer as a harmonious overall work of art.

The basis is the Ferrari F8 Tributo!

  • Complete vehicle conversion
  • Special paint "Catania Green"
  • New rim design type "YT.5"
  • All attachments in Forged Carbon
  • Full leather interior in beige with white applications
  • Performance increase on 880 PS and 960 Nm
  • Performance: Vmax 354 km / h and 0-100 km / h in 2,6 seconds

To achieve this, only the finest ingredients of automotive refinement are used in this complete conversion: lightweight body components made of forged carbon, strikingly forged and gold-colored sports rims as well as various interior modifications made of the finest leather. Following a tradition that has now more than 30 years of history, the luxury manufacturer MANSORY manufactures its Ferrari aerodynamic components unchanged and exclusively from the ultra-light material carbon. The “MANSORY F8XX” comes in the particularly elegant design called “Forged Carbon”.

In addition to the front apron, the side skirts and the rear apron, one component of the body conversion deserves special attention: the rear wing of the "MANSORY F8XX", which is divided into two L-shaped angles. A seldom perfect example of how extravagant optics and high technical standards can be combined in harmony.

720 hp and powerful 770 Nm torque

In addition to the optics of the "MANSORY F8XX", the technology of the F8 Tributo has also been extensively revised and many details have been refined. While the mid-engine V8 already draws an impressive 3,9 hp as standard from its 720l displacement and puts a powerful 770 Nm on the crankshaft, the engineers of the in-house engine department at MANSORY were able to achieve these values ​​up to an impressive 880 hp thanks to extensive changes to the engine control and the exhaust system and increase 960 Nm. And this without changing the drivability and the excellent response of the series engine. The corresponding values ​​for the performance increase to 354 km / h and the zero sprint to 100 km / h is shortened to 2,6 seconds.

MANSORY F8XX Ferrari F8 Tributo Tuning 12 "MANSORY F8XX" Complete conversion of the Ferrari F8 Tributo!

The high engine power is transferred to maximum performance in combination with adapted chassis components and with the “YT.8” rims used for the first time in the “MANSORY F5XX”. These one-piece, ultra-light forged wheels in the dimensions 9,5 x 21 and 12 x 22 are used as a wheel-tire combination with high-performance tires in the size 255/30 ZR21 (VA) and 335/25 ZR22 (HA).

many changes also in the interior

But the interior does not remain untouched either, and so the interior specialists at MANSORY create a sporty atmosphere that once again perfectly combines high functionality, comfort and design. The passenger cell in the "MANSORY F8XX", which is completely lined with beige leather with white applications, therefore continues the luxury standard that applies to all MANSORY complete conversions at the very highest level in the interior as well. Almost all components of the interior are not covered with leather, but also accentuated with carbon. A MANSORY sport leather steering wheel, MANSORY floor mats and several precisely embroidered MANSORY logos elegantly round off the all-encompassing refinement in the interior.

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"MANSORY F8XX" - complete vehicle conversion based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo

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