"MANSORY F9XX" - Tuning on the Ferrari SF90 Coupé & Spider

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MANSORY F9XX Tuning Ferrari SF90 Coupe Spider 2

With the launch of the "MANSORY F8XX" based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo in 2021, MANSORY will immediately follow with the "MANSORY F9XX" based on the Ferrari SF90. Together with the recently launched complete conversions and soft kit programs for the "Roma", the "812 GTS" and the "Portofino", MANSORY is also closing its last gap in the Ferrari with the presentation of another super sports car from the Italian luxury carmaker from Maranello -Product portfolio. Similar to the soft kit program for the F8 Tributo and the complete conversion to the "MANSORY F8XX", the complete conversion of the SF90 to the "MANSORY F9XX" is available for both the SF90 Coupé and the SF90 Spider.

Ferrari SF90 Coupe & Spider

  • Complete vehicle conversion
  • All attachments in Forged Carbon
  • New rim design type "YT.5 Air"
  • Performance increase on 1.100 PS and 980 Nm
  • Performance: Vmax 355 km / h and 0-100 km / h in 2,4 seconds

And just as the SF90 at Ferrari represents the spearhead in the model range of its production vehicles, this is also the case with the "MANSORY F9XX" for Mansory. And the complete vehicle conversion to the "MANSORY F9XX" meets this requirement like no other and demonstrates this not only through its increased performance, but also through its visual appeal - crystal clear and free of any doubts and compromises.

only the finest ingredients are used

In order to achieve this, only the finest ingredients of automotive refinement are used in this complete conversion: A body with lightweight components made of forged carbon, a significant increase in performance, extensive chassis modifications, elegantly forged sports rims in black and various interior modifications made of the finest leather and carbon.

The vehicle itself impresses from the outside with distinctive, enlarged air intakes in the front apron, which ensure the flow of fresh air to the high-performance coolers at all times. Together with the specially developed front lip, there is also significantly improved downforce on the front axle. Striking sills on the side show the unmistakable signature of MANSORY. And here, too, visual pleasure and technical functionality go hand in hand, because the new carbon body components not only look impressive, they also act as air ducts and direct both the unit under the new full carbon bonnet (with the coupé with a scoop, with the spider without) and the rear brake system to large amounts of fresh air. The newly developed double diffuser and the downforce on the rear axle, the large rear spoiler in cooperation with the rear apron, which also generates additional downforce, are responsible for the perfect guidance of the air flow below the vehicle. An impressive 4-pipe exhaust system harmoniously and powerfully rounds off the rear view.

1.100 PS & 980 Nm torque

MANSORY F9XX Tuning Ferrari SF90 Coupe Spider 4

In addition to the far-reaching optical changes of the "MANSORY F9XX", the technology of the "MANSORY F9XX" is also undergoing fine but very effective revisions. As a result, the 4,0 l V8 biturbo mid-engine now delivers 780 hp and 800 Nm to the crankshaft instead of the already impressive 980 hp and 980 Nm as standard. In connection with and the support of its three electric motors (two on the front axle and one for the rear axle), the "MANSORY F9XX" thus jumps over the magical performance limit of 1.000 hp and achieves an incredible system performance of 1.100 hp. All performance-enhancing measures were carried out by the engineers of the in-house engine department exclusively on the combustion engine; the complete electric drive remained unchanged.

This ensures that the drivability, the excellent response of the series engine and the harmonious interaction of the complex hybrid drive could be implemented in the best possible way. Of course, this top-class performance data also culminates in driving performance, which is also at the top of the super sports car segment. The "MANSORY F9XX" reaches a top speed of 355 km/h and the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is completed in 2,4s. Thanks to the standard four-wheel drive, the adapted chassis components and new "YT.5 Air" type rims, these brute values ​​are safely brought to the road. These one-piece, newly designed and ultra-light forged wheels in the dimensions 9,5 x 21 and 12 x 22 are installed in combination with high-performance tires in the size 255/30 ZR21 (FA) and 335/25 ZR22 (RA) and at the same time offer maximum performance in Things lateral dynamics.

The cabin has also changed completely!

MANSORY F9XX Tuning Ferrari SF90 Coupe Spider 14

The interior of the "MANSORY F9XX" has a sporty orientation due to its consistent focus on black with yellow applications, but is nevertheless completely covered with high-quality leather down to the last corner of the interior. In particular, the seats, half-covered in yellow leather, form the visual highlight in the interior and create an atmosphere that perfectly combines high functionality, comfort and unusual design. Where leather is not (or cannot be) used, the interior is accentuated with carbon. A MANSORY sports leather steering wheel, MANSORY floor mats and several precisely embroidered MANSORY logos elegantly round off the all-encompassing refinement in the interior. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

MANSORY F9XX Tuning Ferrari SF90 Coupe Spider 21

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"MANSORY F9XX" - Tuning on the Ferrari SF90 Coupé & Spider
Photo credit: Mansory design

MANSORY F9XX Tuning Ferrari SF90 Coupe Spider 23

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