Mansory Venatus Evo S “One of Ten”: even more power!

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The ultra extreme MANSORY Venatus based on Lamborghini Governance was already presented by the tuner from Brand in 2019 and since then there have been more or less extensive upgrades for the Venatus kit up to the extreme Venatus EVO. He recently had one performance increase on crazy 810 PS & 1.000 NM torque. And this increase in performance has now been turned again. Because Mansory is with another modified Urus SUV than Mansory Venatus Evo S “One of Ten” back and yesterday did a wacky twist with brutal ones 900 PS & 1.100 NM torque presented to the world public. And after it with the Mansory P720 China Blue or the Mansory "Softkits" for the Ferrari F8 Tributo recently there was something like "discreet" vehicles to marvel at, the EVO S "One of Ten" is again the full broadside. Basically, the new one is a little more special than the previous Venatus EVO conversions. The body has unmistakable, clear add-on parts that don't even try to hide the extreme increase in performance.

Venatus Evo S “One of Ten”

MANSORY VENATUS EVO S One Of Ten 2022 Tuning 4

The Venatus Evo S in its limited edition of only 10 vehicles looks extremely similar to the Mansory Urus from the end of last year that was linked at the beginning, but has new, unique styling accents in the details. At the front, the SUV gets an even more pronounced front splitter, which protrudes from the angular front, and also an additional one Duck on the side part of the front splitter you have installed. In addition, Mansory has the air intakes revised and enlarged on the front fenders. the side skirts seem even more powerful and also the rear wing as the roof spoiler are adjusted. Although the details are only marginal compared to the EVO from the end of 2020, we think they are still noticeable in the already extreme look. The new look is rounded off by a special black and white one two-tone paintdealing with the many Visible carbon details pairs. Unfortunately, in terms of performance upgrades, Mansory doesn't go into detail about the renewed changes made to the 4,0-liter twin-turbocharged V8.

black and white paint

MANSORY VENATUS EVO S One Of Ten 2022 Tuning 3

However, it was mentioned that the modified Urus 900 HP (approx. 912 hp) and 1.100 Newton meters of torque delivers and is thus far above the standard output of 650 hp and 850 Nm of torque. With that it should be in 2,9 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour go and be maximum 323 things inside. However, nothing has changed with regard to the XXL shoes. The “One of Ten” also likes light ones 24-inch forged wheels, which are 10 inches wide at the front and 12 inches at the back. And unfortunately Mansory has so far (as of June 03.06.2022rd, XNUMX) only one picture from Interior released. However, it seems to be largely the same as the 2020 EVO linked above. Here, too, you can see a gaudy one Yellow with white accents on the steering wheel, floor mats and doors that contrast with the black trim. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Photo credit: Mansory design

MANSORY VENATUS EVO S One Of Ten 2022 Tuning 5 E1654239462182

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