Mazda RX-7 (FC) Coupe with turbocharger and 400 PS!

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Mazda RX 7 FC Coupe turbocharger Restomod Tuning 4 Mazda RX 7 (FC) Coupe with turbocharger and 400 PS!

Rumors keep popping up that Mazda is the legendary rotary engine in its latest evolution as a range extender for plug-in and electric vehicles. There are even patent drawings of one possible Wankel hybrid combination, but we have no idea if and when you can buy such a vehicle in series. It would perhaps be a further step in the popularity of e-vehicles if they were combined with a Wankel engine to convince skeptics like us of electrified drives and the advantages. Until then we will sweeten the waiting time with a legendary one RX-7 from the UK by his tuner Sim Harratt has been modified. We are now introducing the Japanese sweetheart to you in more detail.

Subtle on the outside, powerful on the inside!

Of course one is allowed to Lowering not missing, and so were Mazda thread springs Installed by HSD in order to achieve a sportier driving behavior. It's not ultra-low, of course, but the ride height suits the classic Japanese well. The black ones are a visual highlight 9,5 × 18-inch alloy wheels in a six-spoke look with a silver tread, which shows off the contrast between black and silver.

The name of the rims is Cosmis Racing XT006R, and they look great on the RX-7. Outside were also Standard Turbo 2 side skirts, a cleaved tailgate as well as a rear diffuser appropriate. Next was the standard rear spoiler removed. Furthermore, a front spoiler is installed from the S13, and there are M3-mirrors with carbon mirror caps on the RX-7. LED side markers, Carbon shards on the rear bumper and a newly attached one roof spoiler, which from our point of view would not have been necessary, were also installed.

Mazda RX 7 FC Coupe turbocharger Restomod Tuning 12 Mazda RX 7 (FC) Coupe with turbocharger and 400 PS!

Of course, furnace pipe thickness is also allowed exhaust pipes not missing to achieve the perfect JDM look. Nevertheless, the RX-7 looks professionally refined and could turn heads at any brand-open tuning meeting.

There are sporty ingredients in the interior!

As soon as you open the doors and get in, you take on standard Turbo 2 seats Tour Locations, and you look at one Digital display in the cockpit, as well as on a Momo sports steering wheel. additional instruments for oil temperature, boost pressure and oil pressure also found their way into the interior. A Gear stick made of carbon as well as a Sony audio system with 8-inch speakers not only ensure a sporty feeling, but also Sound enjoyment in the classic.

Wankel turbo with around 400 hp!

As we have already teased above, there is a real powerhouse under the hood. Of the 13B RE W twin-disc rotary engine, which originally served in a 1999 Mazda RX-7 generation FD, has been transplanted into the classic and done according to the rules of the art modified. Not only was it given a turbo to elicit more power and torque, but all parts of the drive train were redesigned.

According to estimates, the performance is about 400 PS, but unfortunately there is no information about the torque. It is switched via a Five-speed manual and the vehicle has one rear-wheel drive. From our point of view, the Mazda would be perfect as a drift car suitable, because it is precisely in such competitions that vehicles with high performance, rear-wheel drive and without driving dynamics controls have an advantage.

Our Summary for Mazda RX-7:

Tuner Sim Harratt has worked very hard to make his dream come true, and we pay him our utmost respect for it. If you are also impressed by the project, then you can take a look at the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Mazda RX 7 FC Coupe turbocharger Restomod Tuning 16 Mazda RX 7 (FC) Coupe with turbocharger and 400 PS!

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Mazda RX-7 (FC) Coupe with turbocharger and 400 PS!
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