Noble Brit: McLaren 720 S from the Envy Factor team!

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There is ALWAYS more! And that also applies to a super athlete like that McLaren 720 S to. Finally, there are tuners that the flounder can complete on request bodykitNew Rims, more Performance or a conspicuous one foiling donate. Likewise alltogether is no problem! And of course there are also ways to customize the cabin of the 720S to refine. And what that looks like is shown to us by the team NEIDFAKTOR Manufaktur GmbH. This eye-catching project vehicle of the tuner was namely Outside and particularly Interior extensively refined. However, that already happened in the summer of 2021. We would like to show you the athlete anyway. Let's start with the changes in Interior. Here one does not take the opportunity to set up a cabin that sets standards. Because really every square millimeter of the cockpit has been revised. And with tons of high quality Alcantara in black, skilfully combined with a yellow one honeycomb stitching is deposed. The two-tone look is of course based on the color accents on the outside of the body.

McLaren 720 S by Envy Factor

Elaborate in hours of manual work leathered were among others the seating system, both Sliding doors, the lower part of the center console, the complete headliner and dashboard, the parcel shelf and also the complete one interior carpet. The leather finishes are combined with colored yellow Carbon in many places from the cockpit. We would like to mention the four in particular air vents, the shift paddles, the Steering wheel clip, the speedometer scoop and also some parts of the center console are staged in extravagant carbon yellow.

And a practical detail has also been thought of. The one mentioned parcel shelf is in fact completely redesigned and deepened, so that space was made for an exclusive one bag, which is of course identical to the interior in terms of color and materials. And then there are the bodywork changes. First and foremost, of course, there are the various ones foiled yellow accents, that make the difference to the production vehicle. However, there is more!

Yellowish shimmering carbon parts all around

The tuning specialists from Halstenbek exchanged the black ones Carbon parts from the factory against those in carbon yellow. Since then, parts of the front and rear apron, the air intakes and various covers have shone in the chic yellow carbon tone. And to round it off, you have also dared to use the factory rims. You got one powder coating in black gloss. The 530 kW (720 PS) & 770 Nm strong McLaren 720 S, which by the way under the project name "The blue Dragonfly“ was created, has become absolutely unique. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Noble Brit: McLaren 720 S from the Envy Factor team!
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