Crazy McLaren Senna body kit on the 720S for 18.000 euros!

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DarwinPRO McLaren Senna body kit 720S tuning carbon 1

Photo credit: Darwinpro

With the McLaren 720S the British brought a real bestseller in the field of super sports cars onto the market. A vehicle that is on par with a Ferrari 488, an F8 Tributo, a 911 Turbo S and a Mercedes-AMG GT R with extremely impressive performance. And the 720S is (unfortunately) one of the last supercars to be actually built in the UK. And McLaren already has a large number of products ex works with which the athlete can be individualized and made even more uncompromising. The upgrades are possible in a wide variety of price ranges up to the exclusive MSO program. But during the 720S, also as a limited 765LT variant, “only” in the category of Supercar there are a few bigger brothers one floor up.

McLaren Senna body kit

And the brothers call themselves Senna, Eleven, Sabre or speedtail. The particular highlight is the Senna GTR as an even more exclusive variant. It's on only 75 units limited and has no street legal. The Senna GTR and the 720S share the 4,0-liter V8 TwinTurbo, but the Senna GTR, which weighs 1.198 kg, is allowed to do so 825 PS & 800 NM Torque while in the 720S living at 720 PS & 770 NM is the end.

That's what the 720S is for Production car for normal road traffic and not a pure one track tool. And now the team of DarwinPRO Aerodynamics with an extensive bodykit the GTR with the 720S. This gives you a GTR, at least visually, without having to pay the market price of 1,7 million US dollars.

suitable for Coupe and Spider

The basis for the renovation is a normal one 720's coupe and alternatively even the Spider can be equipped with it. The modifications include a complete new front bumper with splitter and canards, there's a new one in the back apron including the XXL diffuser and also the huge fixed one Wing mechanism at the stern as well as the mighty ones side skirts belong to the kit.

DarwinPRO McLaren Senna body kit 720S tuning carbon 11

Even the one made entirely of carbon front flap, the Carbon details on the doors, the new Fender with gills as well as the Carbon parts around the headlights come from Darwinpro. The absolute highlight, however, is in any case the already mentioned wing mechanism at the rear in the style of the Bugatti bolide.

$ 18.550 for the body kit only

On the photo vehicle, the rear attachment is even more difficult than that of the GTR Central web towards the roof complements, which makes the entire look look even more brutal. The GTR's roof scoop, on the other hand, is missing. Incidentally, the purchase price is also brutal. Because with costs of $ 18.550 without installation the surcharge is pretty huge. Not there is the approximately 300.000 US dollar McLaren 720S. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

DarwinPRO McLaren Senna body kit 720S tuning carbon 6

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Crazy McLaren Senna body kit on the 720S for 18.000 euros!

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