Ford F-350 as a MegaRaptor 6×6 pickup truck with 1.000 hp!

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Ford F 350 as a MegaRaptor 6×6 pickup truck with 1.000 hp 13

From the team MegaRexx ™ trucks we already have one or the other monster presented (see end of post). But this XXXXXL monster has so far been completely unknown to us. Curtain up for the insanely huge MegaRaptor 6×6 pickup truck based on the not necessarily delicate Ford F-350! And the boys from Throttle House were allowed to put the MegaRaptor through its paces with an additional axle and immediately tested it with a no less spectacular one Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6 × 6 compared by Brabus. You can find the video a little further down. In this article, however, it should only be about the MegaRaptor. If you are looking for more information about the 6 × 6 conversion from Brabus, just take a look HERE.

MegaRaptor 6×6 Pickup

Nevertheless, the most important key data for the 6 × 6 from Brabus. The vehicle featured in the video is one of only two ever built. The Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6 from Brabus is equipped with the biturbo V8 from AMG, which since the conversion 700 PS and it cost an insane $2 million (!!!). Why? Because he has a complete and also colored in red Carbon body owns because he Brabus fine leather has on board and countless technical ones amendments. But now we come to the Ford F-350 based MegaRaptor 6×6, one and onlythat has been built so far. It costs compared to the Brabus-G just a paltry $310.000 (plus vehicle) and even owns a completely rebuilt one 6,7 liter power stroke turbo diesel with a performance of incredible 1.013 PS.

Military grade wheels

Ford F 350 as a MegaRaptor 6×6 pickup truck with 1.000 hp 3

There are also seven Beadlock wheels worth around $5.000 each, which can even withstand bullets and landmines. Because the wheels are installed in military quality. The tires measure not only insane ones 46 inch (1,17 m) in diameter, the tuner also fitted them with a 4 inch (approx. 10 cm) Lift kit for lifting combined. The XXL silts are covered by a custom-made bodykit all around (Front and rear fenders, metal aprons, hood etc.) and of course there was a distinct one Extension of the loading area as well as the fully functional one third axis at the stern. Also a huge one Ironing cargo area as well as a new one radiator grill can be seen. There is practically nothing really original on the outside of the F-350 anymore.

Ford F 350 as a MegaRaptor 6×6 pickup truck with 1.000 hp 6

With a whole tide on LED auxiliary lights in the front and rear apron, special Off-road dampers & chassis components, black LED taillights, a full one Spare wheel on the loading area and specially made Emblem are essentially the big details on the body. They're not really extensive amendments instead in the cabin. But that is much more extensive performance increase. As already mentioned, the engine of the F-350 performs insanely 1.000 PS. The rest is best seen in the video. Have fun! If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Ford F-350 as a MegaRaptor 6×6 pickup truck with 1.000 hp!
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