1976 Mercedes 300D (W115) Restomod with Airride!

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1976 Mercedes Benz 300D W115 Restomod Airride Tuning 2

In the 70s it was still something special to drive a Mercedes. At that time there were no "entry-level models" of the brand with the star that were affordable for the general public, but the clientele of the star wearers was mostly older and well-heeled. Diesel models from Stuttgart were already popular at that time, and so there was a diesel version of the large W115 series that even made it across the pond. Such a copy that makes its rounds in the USA, and from the tuner Daulton Hodges modified according to his individual taste, we would like to present it to you today.

Rolling stock of spare parts for various brands!

At first glance, everything looks consistent and expertly modified, but at the latest when you look at the origin of the tuning parts, you realize that this is a perfect object of improvisation. About doesn't just come from that Exterior painting with name Grigio Telesto directly from the color portfolio of the Italian sports car brand Lamborghini, but various smaller parts such as the rear shock absorbers of a Chevrolet truck, the bonnet damper a 2016 'Toyota Tacoma', the oil cooler a 1993 Mazda RX-7 and the Aluminum cooler from a 1976 Datsun 280Z, make for a wild potpourri of parts.

Of course, that carries more weight Airride chassis from the manufacturer Airlift Performance, which uses a Airlift 3P control can be variably adjusted in height. To do this, tuner chose Daulton Hodges 17 inches tall chrome wheels of the ARC AR01 type, which with their honeycomb look and glossy finish perfectly match the Swabian classic. The flesh colored one Compressor of the chassis has been perfectly integrated into the luggage compartment and does not take up much space, so that the luggage compartment can also be used for a weekend trip for two. We are sure that this W115 would also find friends and fans at classic car meetings in Europe, because everything looks coherent and professional.

There are only marginal changes in the interior!

The vehicle is perfect for this restauriert. However, there are no major modifications in the interior. Just a sportier one Three-spoke steering wheel found its way into the former representative sedan. In return, drivers and passengers can still enjoy the comfort of the 70s to the fullest, provided they take a seat in the classic luxury sleigh.

3 liter diesel engine does its job

The Mercedes diesel with the factory code OM617, which was available both with and without a turbocharger, performs between 80 and 125 hp, and ensures more leisurely propulsion in the luxury sedan of the late 70s. Unfortunately, we do not know which version is used in the example presented by us. As a small highlight, an old one was installed in the engine compartment whiskey bottle mounted, which serves as a radiator overflow. The power is transmitted via a Five-speed manual auf die Rear wheels.

Our conclusion on the 1976 Mercedes W115 300D:

An extraordinary project that is coherent and harmonious despite various third-party components. tuner Daulton Hodges did a great job making his Mercedes dream come true! If you feel the same way, you are welcome to click through the picture gallery at the end of the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

1976 Mercedes Benz 300D W115 Restomod Airride Tuning 7

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1976 Mercedes-Benz 300D (W115) Restomod with Airride chassis!
Photo credit: stanceworks.com

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