Sun yellow Mercedes-AMG G63 "Gronos" by Mansory!

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Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos Mansory W463A Tuning 13 Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos by Mansory!

Everyone in the tuning scene knows the eccentric creations of the German high-end tuning company Mansory. The vehicles are known to car fans like a sore thumb, and they attract attention accordingly - Unfortunately, from our point of view, often not for the better. So it is and remains a matter of taste whether you love or hate the extroverted Mansory vehicles. There is almost nothing in between! But the tuning company shouldn't care, as long as there are enough solvent customers who have unusual special requests and who don't want to own and drive an ordinary luxury car off the peg. So a sun-yellow “Gronos” was created, which is based on the current generation of the Mercedes-AMG G63, and which definitely stands out. And he's up 10 pieces limited, which is why it is likely that the tuning monster is enormously expensive, even though no official list price has been given.

Further down in "China Blue"!

When you look at the vehicle from the outside, you immediately think that Yellow the new gold is, and somehow one is inevitably reminded of a DHL vehicle. The Carbon bonnet, which comes across as matt black, creates a strong contrast in terms of color and is somewhat reminiscent of "Bumblebee" from the Transformers films. The mentioned "Bumblebee" is known to be one Chevrolet Camaro, and not a Mercedes G-Class.

Of course, weird details shouldn't be missing either, and so the Mansory-G has one Spoiler above the windshieldwhich hardly contributes to the aerodynamics, which incidentally resembles that of a wall unit. position lights on the roof as well as newly designed LED daytime running lights also ensure a martial appearance of the Swabian veteran. The powerful ones are also particularly striking Wheel archeswhich transform the already wide SUV into a true widebody monster. Not surprising is the fact that the Star had to disappear from the grillso that Mansory can place its own company logo there. But the spoiled clientele appreciate that, because Brabus or Hofele also like to remove the Mercedes star to insert their own emblems.

Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos Mansory W463A Tuning 3 Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos by Mansory!

However, Mansory overshot a bit when they decided to get one roof spoiler to be attached to the terrain box. From our point of view, this looks exaggerated and does not have any aerodynamic advantages. Anyone who decides on a Mansory creation and can find the necessary change must be aware that these vehicles are the opposite of understatement. So you need a big ego to want to make the boulevards of this world unsafe.

850 hp for power-hungry city dwellers!

A 4-liter V8 biturbo petrol engine is working under the hood 850 PS and a huge 1.000 Newton meters of maximum torque was brought. This means that the angular block breaks the 100 km / h mark in no less than a million 3,5 seconds. This makes it one second faster than the standard version of the AMG G63. The rolling wall unit runs up to 250 kilometers per hour, but it is better to remain silent about consumption at this rate, because it is certainly astronomical.

Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos Mansory W463A Tuning 5 Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos by Mansory!

Everything is yellow inside too!

The interior design is of course in no way inferior to the crazy exterior. Here, too, only the finest materials are used. The whole cabin is with Yellow and black leather related and also a new one Leather-carbon sports steering wheel, a Sports pedals made of aluminum, many Carbon insoles and very special Leather inserts with 3D embossing for the seats, the door inserts and the center armrest are installed. The precisely crafted embroidery of the MANSORY lettering in the seats and in the floor mats are also eye-catching.

Our conclusion to this Mansory G63 "Gronos":

A car that was made to make footballers and rappers happy. More ostentation and decadence is almost impossible, and if you thought that Mansori Venatus on the basis of the Lamborghini Urus was already the end of the flagpole, then you will learn wrong again. If you like the colossus, then you can take a look at the corresponding picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos Mansory W463A Tuning 6 Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos by Mansory!

Don't worry, of course that was far from being the case when it came to auto / auto tuning. Our magazine still has tens of thousands other tuning reports in stock. Do you want to see them all? Then just click HERE and look around. Or are you particularly interested in everything to do with the Tuner Mansory? Then the following excerpt with other vehicles is definitely the right one.

Mansory tunes the brand new Mercedes S-Class (W 223)

2021 Cupra Born Seat Tuning Elektro Header 310x165 Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos by Mansory!

Mansory Lamborghini Urus "Venatus" with purple interior!

Mansory Lamborghini Urus Venatus Purple interior 9 310x165 Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos by Mansory!

Porsche Taycan from Mansory with body kit and 22 inchers!

MANSORY Porsche Taycan Header 310x165 Sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos by Mansory!

Sun yellow Mercedes-AMG G63 "Gronos" from noble tuner Mansory.
Photo credit: Mansory design

another variant in China Blue

Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos by Mansory W463A widebody 18 sun yellow Mercedes AMG G63 Gronos by Mansory!

And there are another one AMG G 63 of the current generation with Mansory Gronos kit. This time the exterior color is in China Blue instead of bright yellow. Here, too, the kit includes a widened body, a carbon bonnet, a roof spoiler, additional lights and various attachments including front and rear bumpers. Plus a new tailgate with wheel holder and Mansory logo. The G also has sidepipes, 23-inch alloy wheels (N.80 series with 295/35 Continental Sport Contact 6 tires), red brake calipers and perhaps an individual interior. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of this yet. - on the subject of cars, motorcycles, bikes / ATV / scooters & Co., and of course our passion, the Tuning, we keep you up to date and report daily on cool vehicles from all over the world. It's best to subscribe to ours Feed and you will be automatically informed as soon as there is a new post.

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