Grandfather of the S63 AMG: 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL 6.0 AMG

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1991 Mercedes Benz 560SEL 6.0 AMG Tuning 21

Nowadays, many car fans take it for granted that they identify AMG as a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz, which stands for sporty, high-horsepower and luxurious automobiles. Many do not know that AMG was originally established as an independent Mercedes tuner was founded and was not integrated into the Daimler Group until the mid-90s. Even before the takeover by Mercedes-Benz, the vehicles from the tuning company were in demand and had a premium image, since all components were manufactured in high OEM quality and there were already heavy performance upgrades available at that time.

Silver Arrow with cult status

Today we present you a vehicle from the tuning era by AMG, in which the company did not yet belong to the Daimler group. The Benz is currently being auctioned on The MB Market and the current top bid is $130.000. The '91 Benz 560SEL 6.0 AMG, originally delivered to Japan but still left-hand drive, was once in Pearl Effect Black painted. Later, the current owner, who transferred the vehicle from Japan to the US in 2018, opted for a complete one Repainting in astral silver. This created a wonderful contrast to the black Leather in the interior.

However the color is not the highlight of the car as it is a AMG body kit with bumpers in body color, grease side skirts and a conspicuous one rear spoiler owns. Furthermore, three-part AMG Aero III rims fitted by OZ Racing and it found a double flow Sports exhaust system the way to the flagship with the star. Thus, this car differs from the conventional W126 from this time, in which Mercedes still mainly served a conservative clientele, and modified stars were a rarity.

Interior with contemporary 90's luxury!

After opening the doors, it becomes clear that the car was definitely not stingy with comfort equipment. Next to heatable Leather armchairs front and rear, one electrically adjustable driver's seat with memory function and a Automatic climate control, there is also an electric Sunroof and even one Cruise Control. Furthermore, this S-class has fold-out wooden tables, which is normally only known from first-class compartments on high-speed trains or business class on airplanes. More than 30 years ago these were high-end features of automobile construction, all of which are contained in the Mercedes.

contemporary burl on the dashboard and in the center console testify to the taste of the solvent car buyers who ordered a real luxury sedan at the time. Those are exceptional Momo sports steering wheel as the Tachometer, which reaches up to 300 km/h. Finally, one begets metal plaque from AMG from the authenticity of the tuning, and signals to everyone that this is not an off-the-shelf W126.

6-liter displacement for a hallelujah

1991 Mercedes Benz 560SEL 6.0 AMG Tuning 2

Under the hood performs a mighty 6 liter V12 naturally aspirated gasoline engine with four-valve technology. The performance will be about 380 hp and 550 Newton meters of maximum torque estimated. The power is transmitted via a Four-stage automatic on the rear wheels. Also a Torsen limited-slip differential is on board. It was retrofitted by AMG. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the driving performance, but it should be sufficient to be able to drive safely on the Autobahn in Germany. At the end... A bright star in the tuning firmament, which was modified with a lot of love and passion and, from our point of view, has become an absolute cult classic.

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The grandfather of the S63 AMG: 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL 6.0 AMG
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