No question of size: H&R sport springs for the Mercedes-Benz GLA

Mercedes Benz GLA 45 S AMG HR lowering springs 28578 1 front

SUVs are trendy. Mercedes therefore has various models in different formats. With the GLA, the Stuttgart-based company has adapted a lot of zeitgeist into the new edition of their successful entry-level class. In order to do justice to the sport of the utility vehicle, the H&R technicians definitely recommend installing their newly developed lowering springs. Meticulously matched to the Mercedes series dampers, the lowering of the vehicle's center of gravity not only enables significantly higher cornering speeds, but also noticeably reduces body roll.

also Trak + wheel spacers available

Mercedes Benz GLA 45 S AMG HR lowering springs 28578 1 side


Nevertheless, the driving comfort is still at the level typical of Benz, and the payload remains fully intact. The GLA becomes even sportier when H&R wheel spacers made of high-tensile aluminum are installed. They enable standard and retrofit wheels to be aligned with millimeter precision on the fender edges and ensure the perfect wheelbase. All H&R products are "Made in Germany" and always have the necessary parts certificates. Further information on the H&R social media channels: Facebook  ➤Instagram  ➤Twitter  ➤YouTube.

Mercedes Benz GLA 45 S AMG HR lowering springs 28578 1 rear

H&R suspension components for the Mercedes-Benz GLA 35 / 45 / 45 S AMG

  • Type F2B, 4Matic & 4Matic+, 4WD, from year of construction 2020
  • lowering springs
    - Item no .: 28578-1
    - Lowering: VA 20 mm / RA approx. 15 mm
    – Price (RRP): €460,26 incl. 19% VAT.
  • Trak + wheel spacers
    - silver or black anodized
    - Widening: from 6 mm (per axis)
    – Price (RRP): from €71,96 incl. 19% VAT.

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No question of size: H&R sport springs for the Mercedes-Benz GLA
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