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1991 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 with 2JZ engine swap!

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1991 Mercedes Benz SL 500 2JZ Engine Swap 12 1991 Mercedes Benz SL 500 with 2JZ Engine Swap!

Photos by Power Vechicles

The 2JZ engine from Toyota is one of the most retrofitted engines in the world. No matter if in JDM vehicles, in US cars or in premium vehicles from European manufacturers, the unit has been used in almost every vehicle. Even an old one Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC (R 107). And now a Japanese tuner has one 2 JZ Toyota engine in a Mercedes SL 500 installed, and the vehicle is now with Power vehicles for sale. The called price is 2.650.000 yen, which is the equivalent of approx 23.000 Euros requirements. The car was already for sale in 2015, but at that time nobody wanted to buy the unusual tuning creation. So now there is a second chance for interested parties to put this strange Mercedes in their garage at home.

Discreet Benz, with impressive performance!

Outwardly, the anthracite-colored SL is only very subtly modified, and completely renounces any showmanship. Would they be bronze-colored alloy wheels in five-spoke design and the lowering is not installed, then you might think that this is a standard SL 500. The 19-inch Alus listen to the name by the way Yokohama AVS, and have been specially created for the Japanese market. Just that JDM tailpipe could give a little hint that it may be a very special Mercedes, because you have never seen such a stove-pipe thick part on the SL.

1991 Mercedes Benz SL 500 2JZ Engine Swap 10 1991 Mercedes Benz SL 500 with 2JZ Engine Swap!

The one mentioned is also discreet Lowering from which with the help of Lorinser lowering springs and Bilstein dampers succeeded. All in all, we think the modifications were successful, and the philosophy of the tuner is very clear, because he had one in mind JDM Mercedes to create, which both fans of German automobiles and JDM fans cast a spell over.

There are many surprises in the interior.

As soon as you get in, you will immediately notice that a lot has been changed in the Benz. You take in sports seats a Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Platz, has a Sport steering wheel under control and looks at various additional instruments, which for example the Turbo Boost Show. Otherwise, however, the cockpit and center console remained unchanged, and only the one gear lever für die 6-speed manual transmission from Getrag found its way into the SL.

1991 Mercedes Benz SL 500 2JZ Engine Swap 6 1991 Mercedes Benz SL 500 with 2JZ Engine Swap!

2JZ in-line six-cylinder turbo engine

The Mercedes V8 suction gasoline engine had to give way, and one Line six-cylinder from the Toyota shelf, with the help of a HKS T45S turbocharger to over 600 hp was pushed, took up space in the engine compartment of the SL. The video shows how the turbocharger generates 1,2 bar boost pressure, but it is always possible to replace the turbocharger with a larger unit. Besides, this is Getrag six-speed transmission only run about 10.000 km, and therefore still almost new. The performance of the Benz with a Toyota engine should be in no way inferior to that of a real AMG Mercedes, as the more than 600 hp ensure proper propulsion. It would be exciting to see how the SL performs on the quarter mile beats, and whether he can annoy her veritable super athlete.

1991 Mercedes Benz SL 500 2JZ Engine Swap 7 1991 Mercedes Benz SL 500 with 2JZ Engine Swap!

Our conclusion on this Mercedes SL:

It is a rather unusual symbiosis of German and Japanese engineering, which is likely to be discussed very controversially in the tuning scene. Above all, the fact that over 8 million yen flowed into the project is just under over 70.000 euros, could cause horror in one or the other car fan. You can get your own picture of the car by looking at our picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

cb no thumbnail 1991 Mercedes Benz SL 500 with 2JZ engine swap!

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