Mercedes C 30 CDI AMG - Affalterbach's only diesel!

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Mercedes C 30 CDI AMG Sport Coupe CL 203 DE 9 Mercedes C 30 CDI AMG Affalterbach's only diesel!

It is hard to believe today, but there were times when the electrification of the automobile didn't matter yet. A good two decades ago, when the turbodiesel conquered the automobile market, the market was still ticking differently. At that time it was the diesel that was supposed to be used as a panacea against high fuel prices and global warming, and in this era it was the power diesel, which came along with ever higher outputs and torque plateaus that looked like a mountain range on the dynamometer Do not take AMG to lend a hand on a diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz.

Unique coup from AMG!

This is how the was created in Affalterbach C 30 CDI AMG, a power diesel that was available for both the sedan, the T-model and the sports coupé that was still on offer at the time. It is precisely these models, which by the way are extremely rare, that we would like to introduce to you in more detail today. It was a one-time thing because before and after there was never another one AMG modelthat about one diesel engine decreed. And according to our information, until the facelift in 2004, only 774 copies were made, which were available for purchase from 2002.

After MoPf (Facelifts), as facelifts are called at Mercedes-Benz, of course the strong diesel from Affalterbach continued, but it was no longer listed separately in the registration statistics, so that one can only speculate about how many models will be registered after 2004 became. In terms of optics, it can hardly be distinguished from its civilian brothers, and apart from an independent one Front and rear spoiler, as side skirts and special 17-inch wheels, the variant does not differ externally from a conventional C-Class. The chassis was also still from C32 AMG took over, which at that time already threw around 120 hp more into the scales, making the handling of the vehicle extremely sporty.

Mercedes C 30 CDI AMG Sport Coupe CL 203 DE 1 Mercedes C 30 CDI AMG Affalterbach's only diesel!

The Parameter steering, which was standard on the C32 AMG, was only available to customers of the C 30 CDI AMG at a surcharge. Despite minor flaws in terms of equipment, the model is now a sought-after classic, and with good maintenance and care, the value of a C 30 CDI AMG, regardless of whether it was delivered as a T-model, sedan or sports coupé, should increase significantly in the next few years .

In the interior, restraint was the order of the day

It was true that AMG was set up Sports seats, leather steering wheel and Aluminum applications, but there was by no means full equipment if you opted for a C 30 CDI AMG. Automatic air conditioning, ESP and driving light assistant were standard, but many things that make driving a pleasure cost a hefty surcharge.

Mercedes C 30 CDI AMG Sport Coupe CL 203 DE 8 Mercedes C 30 CDI AMG Affalterbach's only diesel!

R5 turbodiesel does the work

Friends of various power diesels will of course get their money's worth. An in-line five-cylinder turbodiesel with a displacement of 3 liters and 231 PS does its job. The maximum torque at that time was already outstanding 540 Newton meters, and the 100 km / h mark was in merely 6,8 seconds achieved. In addition, the top speed is included 250 km/h. The power is transmitted via a Five-step automatic auf die Rear wheels. Despite the antiquated gearbox, the C 30 CDI AMG is a vehicle that can sprint quickly and effortlessly display its terrific power on long journeys. So, from our point of view, it is an ideal kilometer eater, with which you can also let the pig out when you feel like it.

Mercedes C 30 CDI AMG Sport Coupe CL 203 DE 14 Mercedes C 30 CDI AMG Affalterbach's only diesel!

Our Summary for the Mercedes C 30 CDI AMG:

An upcoming classic that can still be shot cheaply today, but which should increase significantly in value in the future. If you also liked the vehicle, you can take a look at the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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C 30 CDI AMG Sports Coupé / CL 203 DE 30 LA, 2003 - 2004
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