Star warriors - Mercedes C-Class sedan (W205)!

Mercedes C Class Sedan W205 Camber Tuning 22

The current generation of the Mercedes C-Class is popular worldwide as a sedan. In contrast to the T-model, which is downright crushed by the SUV models, and whose sales figures are shrinking sharply, the sedan sits firmly in the saddle and has become an integral part of the Swabian model range. The model is now firmly anchored in the tuning scene, not only as an extremely powerful AMG version, but also as a less powerful, civilian version. In the wake of the increasing popularity of the AMG models, the sales figures for non-AMGs are also climbing, and Mercedes limousines in particular are increasingly being used as tuning objects. Now we are introducing you to a very special specimen, which is not a long version, although it does its rounds in China.

Show car with open exhaust system!

Mercedes C Class Sedan W205 Camber Tuning 15

He stands like a star warrior ready to fulfill his mission. This Mercedes pulls out all the stops when it comes to shining optically. They are particularly noticeable different colored headlights at the frontline. While on the left yellowish LED lights are installed, the headlight on the right side shines in a warm White tone. Such a thing would definitely not be approved by the TÜV in Germany, but in China colored LEDs on the car are the absolute trend right now. The tuner of the car also thought that a normal camber on a C-Class looks far too boring, which is why he gave this Mercedes to a Camber-Tuning has undergone. Both the front and the rear axle are extremely positioned schrägto make an impression as possible. OZ Futura rims in 19-inch format with bronze accents and extreme low-bed optics are among the highlights of the car, which also has black calipers and sports brake system Endless disposes.

Mercedes C Class Sedan W205 Camber Tuning 1

Then comes the eye-catcher at the rear bare exhaust system to its full advantage, which stands out so much that it almost matches the black Monster diffuserthat could serve as a plow, makes you forget. The diffuser is attached below the exhaust and lets in the already extremely deep Benz that comes through Airlift air suspension became an asphalt milling machine, literally stuck to the road. Various stickers on the heavily tinted windows as well as on bare exhaust must of course not be missing in order to optimally stage the dark gray show car. With the car you would certainly be able to score a lot at every Mercedes meeting in Europe, because something like this is not seen here every day.

The interior has also been redesigned.

Tuner Xiao Hao thought that just modifying the exterior would be boring, so he decided to Racing seats Thrash which are normally popular in the Japanese drift car scene. The seats were with a Zebra cover related to a little Pornstyle tuning to flow into the interior. Otherwise there are still various sticker and Lettering at the back of the seats, and of course there's one too Controller for the airlift chassis in the interior. However, the tuner is still planning far-reaching Changes in the interior, such as one Roll cage and other modifications that make the interior look even sportier.

Mercedes C Class Sedan W205 Camber Tuning 17

We don't know which engine is installed.

Unfortunately we don't know which engine is working under the hood, but since the car is based in China, it has to be one Petrol variant act. If we find information about the engine, we will of course inform you about it as soon as possible.

Our conclusion to the unique Mercedes:

You definitely don't see a C-Class like this every day. Great respect to the tuner, because creating such an extraordinary show car from a conventional mid-range Benz deserves respect. If you are interested in this vehicle, you can take a look at the picture gallery that we have attached to the article at the end. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Star Warrior - Mercedes C-Class Sedan (W205) with extreme tuning.

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