Thursday 21th January 2021

Mercedes E-Class Coupe with Mcchip-DKR Power!

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Admittedly, the jump from the normal "E" to the C63 AMG Coupé or S-Class Coupé 63 AMG (or CL 63 AMG) version is pretty heavy and somehow something is missing in between. Because of this, Mcchip-DKR has made it its business to provide the E-Coupe with significantly more power and thus to create an inexpensive option for the E-Coupe 63 AMG, which is not available anyway.

Mercedes E 63 AMG Coupe 7 Mercedes E Class Coupe with Mcchip DKR Power!

(Photos: Mcchip-DKR)

The following tuning offers Mcchip-DKR:

  • Basic model 350 CGI-V6 Coupe
  • Installation: 2013er 5,5-liter V8-Biturbo including powertrain and brakes
  • Stage 3 tuning kit 680 PS / 1.000 Nm torque
  • Drexler differential lock

Smava tuning blog credit 12 Mercedes E Class Coupe with Mcchip DKR Power!

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