Red Star Warrior - Mercedes E 260L (V212) on BBS rims!

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Mercedes E 260L V212 BBS rims 3

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Lately we have noticed that those in Asia in particular are becoming so popular Long versions of mid-range and luxury sedans, increasingly crystallize as veritable tuning objects. No matter if you are now for VIP Tuning use, or want to give them a sporty body kit, there are hardly any limits to the tuning fantasies. In our opinion, it is refreshing to see that the supposed manager limousines, with which only stressed CEOs hurried from appointment to appointment, are now also becoming increasingly popular in the tuning scene. A tuned specimen that we have tracked down and are now introducing to you in more detail is making its rounds in China, and has become very popular with its owner subtly refined.

Carmine red Benz with style.

This E-Class in the long version looks in our opinion with theirs BBS RSII rims in 19-inch format, which have a concave design, and are kept entirely in silver, very discreet and elegantly tuned. This joins in Airride chassis from AirLift, which presses the Benz very close to the asphalt, at least when you set it to the lowest level. This gives the former CEO sedan a sporty appearance that goes well with the car. With the Benz got tuner Qiu Liang proved that he knows his trade and has built a fantastically beautiful and timeless W212 that, thanks to its crimson paint, does not look too thick or even look like a craft shop.

Mercedes E 260L V212 BBS rims 23

Unfortunately, there are a lot of modified Mercedes models that just look martial and therefore appear extremely stylish. The specimen definitely belongs to this category will not. They are joined by Hellaflush wheel arches, which give the E-Class a very special touch. A long version can be made sporty without looking like a car for car posers. We are of the opinion that the Boulevard Cruiser would also have good cards in Europe to score well at a brand-open meeting and to attract a lot of attention.

The interior remained standard.

In the interior was nothing changed except that the Controller for the Airride chassis was installed.

Mercedes E 260L V212 BBS rims 4

A 1,8-liter turbo gasoline engine does its job.

Under the hood beats a 1,8 liter turbo heart, which runs on gasoline. It generates 204 PS and a maximum torque of 310 Newton meters. Equipped in this way, the long E sprints from 8,6 to 0 km / h in a respectable 100 seconds and reaches a maximum top speed of 238 kilometers per hour. The power is transmitted via a automatic transmission with 7 speed levels on the rear wheels.

Mercedes E 260L V212 BBS rims 26

Our conclusion on this Mercedes E 260L:

We bow to the tuner and pay him respect for having achieved such a result with relatively little effort. The Mercedes is an eye-catcher and looks timelessly elegant. So you can certainly not only cruise through the metropolises in Asia in a cool and comfortable way, but certainly also in Europe. If you liked the car, you are welcome to click on the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Mercedes E 260L V212 BBS rims 18

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Red Star Warrior - Mercedes E 260L (V212) on concave BBS rims with Airride chassis.

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