Beyond AMG: Mercedes G500 with manual transmission & GM V8 supercharger!

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Mercedes G500 manual transmission GM V8 compressor 23 Beyond AMG: Mercedes G500 with manual transmission & GM V8 compressor!

Just imagine if there were such a vehicle ex works! The Mercedes G-Class has already been misused for many useless things, but not even the boldest tuning company went so far that it dared to find one General Motors propulsion to transplant into the classic off-road vehicle. But wait, a strange vehicle has turned up, which can be called a Mercedes G-Class, but about one six liter LS2-V8 from General Motors with supercharging disposes. Now you will probably be reminded immediately of the compressor models from Mercedes-Benz, which even clearly indicated in large letters that they carry the additional component under the hood.

Monstrous with an identity problem!

This is exactly what we are reminded of when we hear about the compressor in a Mercedes G-Class. However, we think it's crazy what the tuner from Minnesota, who is not known by name, came up with an older one LS2-V8 built into the primary rock.

The good thing for all fans of crazy automotive creations is that the vehicle is currently on the Internet platform Cars and Bids is auctioned in the USA. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the bids or a minimum bid. As soon as you look at the vehicle from the front, you might think that it is the G-Class under license from China Beijing BJ80. The modified one Grill looks suspiciously like it, but otherwise it quickly becomes clear that it is a Mercedes G, and not a Beijing or a souped-up Suzuki Jimny. The angular, functional design, which polarized for decades, is of course also offered by this off-road vehicle, which in the eyes of many Mercedes fans probably comes with it abused was to make an American V8 socially acceptable.

Mercedes G500 manual transmission GM V8 compressor 15 Beyond AMG: Mercedes G500 with manual transmission & GM V8 compressor!

We're torn and can't decide whether it's sacrilege to get one GM V8 to transplant into a Mercedes. On the one hand, yes, because an Ami V8 does not belong in a G-Class, on the other hand, no, because after all it is a large-volume eight-cylinder that was introduced. Only one would probably be more controversial Electric drive can be discussed in a G-Class.

There were some modifications in the interior!

While the exterior due to the AMG rims looks as dynamic as you can expect from a rolling 2,5-ton wall unit, the tuner in the interior shot the bird! Of the Instrument panel was exchanged, and that dished sports steering wheel with a Mercedes star may not fit into the colossus at all. The strangest feature is that Android smartphone, which serves as a replacement for the touchscreen display, and has the Torque Pro app, which can deliver telemetry data from the vehicle to the driver.

A 6-liter V8 from GM with a supercharger does its job in this G-model!

The GM engine is one that ran 172.000 miles (approximately 276.807 km) before it left the Cadillac CTS-V moved out to find a new home in a G-Class. Ventilated by one Supercharger does the engine about 470 hp and 700 Newton meters of maximum torque.

Mercedes G500 manual transmission GM V8 compressor 20 Beyond AMG: Mercedes G500 with manual transmission & GM V8 compressor!

The engine doesn't make the off-road box a quarter-mile star, but compared to the 354 hp G500 from the early 2000s, it still goes a long way. The power is transmitted via a Six-speed manual transmissionwhich, together with the engine, survived the move from the CTS-V to the Benz. This means that even purists who swear their loyalty to the manual gearbox can really enjoy this G-Class.

Our Summary for the Mercedes G500:

We already mentioned above that we don't want to demonize the project and are undecided whether to raise or lower our thumbs. If you like the G, you are welcome to click on the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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1982 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Trans Am racing car!

1982 Mercedes Benz SL Class Trans Am racing vehicle 2 310x165 Beyond AMG: Mercedes G500 with manual transmission & GM V8 supercharger!

Homage to Virgil Abloh: Project MAYBACH as an electric show car!

Homage Virgil Abloh Project MAYBACH Elektro Showcar 5 310x165 Beyond AMG: Mercedes G500 with manual transmission & GM V8 supercharger!

H&R lift kit in the classic Unimog 404 S!

Rear height adjustment Unimog 404 S 1 e1638457439668 310x165 Beyond AMG: Mercedes G500 with manual transmission & GM V8 compressor!

Beyond AMG - Mercedes G500 with manual transmission and GM V8 supercharged engine will be auctioned!
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