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Tuning: Mercedes G500 pickup truck from 2005!

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Mercedes G500 Pickup Truck 2005 11 Tuning: Mercedes G500 Pickup Truck from 2005!

In the USA in particular, pickup trucks are an indispensable part of road traffic. It doesn't matter whether they are used by their owners as pure workhorses, or whether they are pimped up into show trucks with lots of bling-bling and glamor, the mighty flatbed trucks are simply part of it American way of life. Even in times of climate discussions and the turnaround in traffic, many Americans do not want to do without their pickup, which is why there are more and more electric pickups from start-up companies such as Rivian or Alpha Motors. But far from future American e-trucks, there are also converted to a pickup German SUV models with internal combustion engines that find a large fan base and generate high sales at auctions. Like the one Mercedes G500 pickup truck, which we present to you in more detail today.

original G-Class from the Netherlands

This car, which is currently at Bring a trailer is auctioned off, attracts everyone's attention, and it wouldn't be surprising if it changed hands for a high five-figure price. But now we come to the story of the 2005 G-Class, which was transformed into a flatbed truck. In 2005 she was named New vehicle in California, and remained in the first owner's possession until 2014.

Mercedes G500 Pickup Truck 2005 13 Tuning: Mercedes G500 Pickup Truck from 2005!

After the sale, the model came to the Netherlands, where it also underwent a radical transformation. Shortly afterwards, the model converted into a pickup was brought back to the USA, and all the important documents on the vehicle's history are still available so that they can be traced seamlessly. the platform The car was originally installed on a Cargomobil of the Scandinavian Airlines vehicle fleet and was used to transport provisions for passenger planes. The entire ladder frame has also been lengthened, and the vehicle has also been made raised.

Mercedes G500 Pickup Truck 2005 7 Tuning: Mercedes G500 Pickup Truck from 2005!

For optimal off-road capabilities 16-inch Alus with Freewheel hubs attached by Hutchinson to the Copper Discoverer STT Pro off-road tires are raised. Last but not least, there are still Bilstein dampers in the pickup truck, which should also improve the terrain skills. Either way, the Mercedes truck is an absolute eye-catcher, and it would be well received by the audience at any off-roader meeting.

Luxurious interior with a lot of comfort.

All imaginable luxury features from the G-Class are of course also in this copy. From electrically adjustable and heated front seats with memory function and black leather upholstery to two-zone automatic air conditioning, a Pioneer sound system and a 360-degree all-round camera. The G-Class thus combines the finest luxury with off-road qualities that are second to none.

V8 naturally aspirated gasoline engine with 5 liters displacement

For such a mighty monster, the performance data may seem poor at first, because 292 hp and just 455 Newton meters maximum torque are not the values ​​that a huge pickup truck can use to uproot trees.

However, this vehicle was not designed to take on a G63 AMG on the autobahn, but should primarily convince in difficult terrain. The five-speed automatic transmission, which permanently drives all four wheels, also matches the character of the vehicle. In addition, the car has three lockable differentials, so that every obstacle becomes child's play.

Our Summary to this Mercedes G500 Pickup:

You can experience something while traveling. This is not only the case for people, but also for automobiles every now and then. This interesting vehicle with an unusual history, which can be fully traced using various documents, is something for collectors' hands who enjoy unusual vehicles. If you also like to think outside the box, we recommend that you take a look at the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Mercedes G500 pickup truck from 2005!
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