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BMW X5 M Competitor - 612 PS Mercedes GLE 63 S 4MATIC +

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612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 21 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

Coinciding with the 612 PS strong Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC + (X 167) Daimler also has the technically identical AMG GLE 63 4MATIC + and the GLE 63 S 4MATIC + (fourth generation - C167) as presented. With the new GLE-based performance models, Mercedes-AMG continues a tradition that is exactly 20 years long: The ancestor ML 55 based on the former M-Class 1999 with its 255 kW (347 PS) strong V8 engine the top of the series portfolio. This also applies to the current successor, the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 4MATIC + (combined fuel consumption: 11,5-11,4 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions combined: 262-261 g / km). Of course, the top performer of the model series will be starting with the latest engine technology: The 420 kW (571 PS) and in the S-version 450 kW (612 PS) will be the strong AMG 4,0-liter V8 biturbo engine for the first time in the GLE series combined with the EQ Boost starter generator. This is accompanied by additional electrical power of 16 kW (22 PS), the 48-Volt on-board power supply, cylinder deactivation and Otto particle filter for the highest possible efficiency.

612 hp - 4,0 liter V8 biturbo engine

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 7 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

In addition, the fully variable four-wheel drive, the air suspension with adaptive damping and active roll stabilization and the fast-switching TCT 9G transmission push the limits of driving dynamics to the top In addition, the benefits of a luxury SUV: the good all-round visibility, plenty of room for passengers and luggage, high-quality Materials and the brand's most advanced driver assistance, infotainment and connectivity features. Even more versatility is provided by the increased off-road capability with the two additional driving programs "Trail" and "Sand" as well as the variable vehicle level. Here, extreme sportiness, first-class off-road characteristics and absolute practicality meet each other. "With our new GLE performance models, we are transforming an 20 tradition into the future. For the first time, we are electrifying our proven 48-liter V4,0 biturbo engine with the EQ Boost starter generator and 8-Volt on-board power supply. This marks the beginning of another new chapter in our drive technology, which we are also gradually expanding in other series to include electrification and hybridization. With our new premium SUV our customers can look forward to a unique package of driving performance, high practicality, the best possible traction on almost all surfaces and long-distance comfort with high efficiency, "said Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

For the first time with EQ Boost starter generator

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 8 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

The 4,0-liter V8 biturbo engine is equipped for the first time with an integrated EQ Boost starter generator in the new GLE 63 in both output levels (420 kW / 571 PS and 450 kW / 612 PS). It combines the starter and alternator in a powerful electric motor and is installed between engine and gearbox to save space. The short-term additional 16 kW (22 PS) power and 250 Nm torque not only enable a more spontaneous start-up behavior. In addition, the innovative component feeds the 48-Volt electrical system, is used as an electric generator and also performs hybrid functions. These include boosting, recuperation, load point shifting, sailing and the almost imperceptible restart of the engine at the start-stop function. The idle speed control also takes place for the first time via the EQ Boost starter generator. As a result, fuel savings are possible, which were previously only possible by high-voltage hybrid technology. The 4,0-liter V8 engine uses proven twin-turbocharging, in which the two loaders are not located on the outside, but between the cylinder banks. The advantages of the "hot inside V" are the compact engine design and the spontaneous response of the turbocharger. These are designed in twin-scroll technology to optimally utilize the exhaust gas flow and to further improve the response.

better efficiency: the intelligent AMG Cylinder Management

The spray-guided gasoline direct injection with piezo injectors, the all-aluminum crankcase, the four-valve technology with camshaft adjustment, the air-water intercooler, the generator management, the ECO start-stop function and the sail function were retained. For increased efficiency, Mercedes-AMG has also equipped the V8 engines with the cylinder deactivation. In the partial load range, cylinders two, three, five and eight are deactivated, which significantly reduces fuel consumption. The cylinder deactivation is available in the wide speed range from 1.000 to 3.250 rpm, if the driver has selected the driving program "Comfort". A special display in the instrument cluster informs whether the cylinder deactivation is active and the engine is currently running in four- or eight-cylinder operation. The transition between these two operating states is spontaneous, fast and moment neutral, so that the occupants have to accept any loss of comfort. In the stronger S variant, the eight-cylinder has active engine mounts. These solve the conflict of objectives between the softest possible connection of the drive train for high comfort and a rigid connection as possible for optimum driving dynamics by adapting their rigidity in two stages to the respective driving conditions.

Air suspension with continuous adjustment damping

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 13 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

The standard AMG RIDE CONTROL + air suspension system combines high agility and excellent driving dynamics with maximum traction and high levels of everyday comfort, thanks to the setup specially adapted to the SUV characteristics and the Adaptive Damping System Adaptive Damping System (ADS). The damper characteristic curve can be pre-selected in the three levels "Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport +", enabling a clearly noticeable differentiation between high long-distance comfort and sporty driving dynamics. Thanks to the pneumatic level control, the new GLE 63 4MATIC + has a constant, vehicle-independent vehicle level. This can be varied depending on the driving program or manually via rocker switch in the center console. In the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programs "Sport", "Sport +" and "RACE" (only S-variant), the vehicle level is generally lowered by 10 mm. In the "Comfort" driving program, the level drops from 120 km / h by 10 mm and is raised back to normal under 70 km / h. Lowering reduces air resistance at higher speeds and therefore fuel consumption. In addition, the driving stability improves due to the lower center of gravity. In the "Trail" and "Sand" driving programs, the vehicle level is raised by 55 mm on bad roads to increase ground clearance, and automatically lowered back to normal at 70 km / h. This function can also be controlled manually via the rocker switch.

Agile and precise: AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL roll stabilization

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 17 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

The Active Roll Stabilization ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL on the 48 Volt basis contributes decisively to AMG-specific tuning for high driving dynamics. It precisely compensates for body movements. The result: Even in sporty border areas the handling remains exactly controllable and extremely direct. The system operates with two independently operating, electromechanical actuators on the front and rear axles, in each of which a planetary gear is integrated. Thus, the stabilization not only reduces roll motions when cornering, but also allows a more precise coordination of the steering and load change behavior. In addition, it increases the ride comfort when driving straight ahead, because, for example, suggestions are compensated by unilateral road bumps. Movements of the bodywork can be actively and optimally adapted to the driving condition, which intensifies the driving experience. Another advantage compared to hydraulic systems is the significantly faster response. The AMG control can adapt the driving condition in milliseconds to the conditions. Added to this is the lower weight of the components compared to hydraulic solutions.

Four-wheel drive AMG Performance 4MATIC + with fully variable torque distribution

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 9 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

The performance-oriented four-wheel drive ensures the best possible ratio of dynamics, traction and efficiency throughout. An electromechanically controlled clutch connects the constantly driven rear axle variably with the front axle. The best possible torque distribution is calculated continuously - depending on the driving situation and driver's request. The transition from rear to four-wheel drive and vice versa takes place continuously, since the intelligent control system is integrated into the entire vehicle system architecture. In addition to traction and lateral dynamics, the all-wheel drive also improves the longitudinal dynamics for even more powerful acceleration. Influencing factors for the torque distribution are not only the driving speed, the lateral and longitudinal acceleration and the steering angle, but also the speed difference between the individual wheels and the gear selection. The four-wheel drive is controlled by the selected level of the 3 Electronic Stability Program ESP® - from sporty to highly dynamic. The 4ETS vehicle dynamics control system also increases driving safety and agility, especially on surfaces that are rough or slippery. It prevents a one-sided spinning of the drive wheels when starting and accelerating via brake interventions. At the same time, the drive torque is shifted to the non-spinning wheels by the resulting locking differential effect.

More traction and dynamics: the rear axle limited slip differential

To further enhance traction and dynamics, the GLE 63 and GLE 63 S come standard with an electronically controlled rear-axle limited slip differential. As a result, the slip is prevented on the inside wheel, which ensures optimum grip and the best possible driving safety. Thanks to improved traction, the driver can accelerate out of corners earlier and more powerfully. When braking at high speed, the vehicle remains stable, also improves the limited slip differential traction during acceleration from a standstill.

Direct and immediate: the AMG sports parameter steering

The electromechanical sports parameter steering is variably translated. Thanks to the specific rack and pinion ratio, it impresses with its precise feedback. The steering assistance is assigned to the AMG DYNAMICS stages. The coordination in "Basic" and "Advanced" is comfort-oriented. In "Pro" and "Master" is a vote deposited, which supports a sporty driving style and gives more road feedback.

Well dosed and stable: the AMG high-performance brake systems

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 5 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

In keeping with the high performance and performance, the new GLE 63 models feature a large-capacity high-performance composite brake system with 6 piston calipers and front 400 x 38-mm discs, 1 piston calipers, and 370 x 32-mm calipers. Rear brake discs. The S variant features red brake calipers, while the base variant carries gray brake calipers. Optionally, a high-performance ceramic brake system with bronze 6 piston calipers at the front and 1 piston saddles at the rear are available, which saves weight over the compound discs and thus reduces unsprung masses. Further advantages are its high stability and fading stability under heavy use. In addition, the braking system scores with a long service life and a particularly spontaneous response.

Fast and agile: the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G transmission

The SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G gearbox is specially adapted to the requirements of the eight-cylinder GLE 63. The consistent further development of hardware and software has succeeded in optimizing reaction times. Automatic and manual switching commands can thus be implemented faster than ever before. Various amplification measures ensure longevity and performance even with the high torque of the V8 engine. In addition, instead of a torque converter, a wet starting clutch is used. It saves weight, reduces mass inertia and thus optimizes the response. The sophisticated software ensures extremely short switching times, fast multiple downshifts and, thanks to the intermediate gas function, provides a particularly emotional switching experience. The switching operations take place without interruption of traction. Dynamic acceleration maneuvers and shortest shift times are available as well as a fuel-efficient driving style depending on the selected driving program.

The highlights of the transmission:

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 4 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

Adaptation of the shift characteristics to the selected AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive program in manual "M" mode, the transmission reacts immediately to manual shift commands from the driver - the drive train reacts precisely and sets the commands at lightning speed "M" - simply by pressing the gearshift paddles automatic double-declutching function when downshifting: this effect is automatically active in the "Sport", "Sport +" and "RACE" (S variant only) driving programs ECO start / stop function in the "Comfort" driving program automatically active “Sailing” function can be activated in the “Individual” driving program

Driving pleasure high seven: AMG DYNAMIC SELECT and AMG DYNAMICS

The seven DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes Comfort, Sport, Sport +, Individual, RACE (only S-variant), Trail and Sand enable a very different driving experience with a wide spread from high comfort to agile sportiness. It modifies important parameters such as engine, transmission, suspension and steering response.

  1. "Comfort": Comfortable and consumption-optimized driving, including through early upshifts. Chassis and steering are adjusted to comfort.
  2. "Sports": Sporty expression through more agile response to accelerator commands, shorter shift times, earlier and more precise downshifting through intermediate gas. More dynamic tuning of the chassis.
  3. "Sport +": Extremely sporty character thanks to even more agile throttle response, intermediate throttle during downshifts as well as targeted torque interventions during upshifting with cylinder blanking for optimum shifting times. Increased idling speed for faster starting. Chassis, steering and powertrain are tuned even more dynamic.
  4. "Individual": Individual adaptation of drive, gearbox, AMG DYNAMICS, chassis and exhaust system. In addition, the sail function is also available here in the drive settings "Reduced" and "Moderate".
  5. "RACE": (Series in the S variant): The driving program "RACE" is designed for highly dynamic rides on closed racetracks. Here all parameters are trimmed to maximum performance.
  6. "Trail": Safe driving with maximum performance on soft, muddy or slippery surfaces. The vehicle is set at an elevated level (+ 55 mm more ground clearance). From 70 km / h, the vehicle automatically lowers again.
  7. "Sand": The settings of the chassis and the four-wheel drive 4MATIC + be made for a sporty use on fine, loose ground. The vehicle is set at an elevated level (+ 55 mm more ground clearance). From 70 km / h, the vehicle automatically lowers again.
    The programs are linked to the AMG DYNAMICS agility system, which means that the driving behavior can be adjusted even more differentiated to different demands and driving conditions.

Behind the generic term AMG DYNAMICS are the agility functions “Basic”, “Advanced”, “Pro” and “Master”, the functions of which are automatically selected by the respective drive program. In the “Trail” and “Sand” off-road driving programs, the “Traction” and “Slide” levels are added when the ESP® is switched off. Driving-relevant parameters such as the responsiveness of the engine and chassis, the control strategy of the all-wheel drive system and active roll stabilization or the control thresholds of the ESP® are intelligently adapted depending on the driving program. The spectrum ranges from safety-oriented to highly dynamic. The "Master" mode stored in the RACE drive program ensures optimum agility and brings out the high dynamic potential in the best possible way - for example through higher yaw rates and faster response from the accelerator pedal, gearshift, rear-axle steering, electronically controlled rear-axle locking differential or power distribution of the all-wheel drive. Regardless of the drive programs, the driver can use the buttons in the center console or the steering wheel buttons to select the manual transmission mode, the preferred suspension level or, for example, the exhaust system.

The exterior design - muscular and distinctive

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 25 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

The formal language of the exterior design embodies pure energy and performance luxury. On the one hand, the AMG-specific radiator grille with vertical slats emphasizes the fact that it belongs to the AMG model family; on the other hand, the dynamic sweeping of the front section with its lower angle of approach sharpens the distinctive proportions. Typical of the performance models is the front apron in the dynamic jet wing design in the vehicle color, combined with black air inlets. Dominantly shaped power domes in the bonnet and the front splitter in silver chrome support the all-round sharpened design. The side skirts, the exterior mirror housings and the wheel arch extensions are painted in the same color as the vehicle and thus fit seamlessly into the powerful overall picture. Different wheel / tire combinations cover all on- and off-road requirements. The base model comes with 20-inch light-alloy wheels with AMG lettering as standard, while the S version comes with 21-inch wheels ex works. Other rim variants from 21 to 22 inches in diameter are available on request. The redesigned rear apron with AMG-specific details such as the striking diffuser in black and the trim strip in silvershadow emphasize the width. The special AMG exhaust system with two square twin tailpipe trims (for GLE 63 S with characteristic ribbing) and the roof spoiler complete the sporty look. The optional AMG Night package offers further customization options. It includes heat-insulating, dark-tinted windows and front splitters, trim parts in the front and rear aprons, inserts in the side sill panels, mirror caps and window frames in elegant black. There are also the double tailpipe trims in black chrome.

The interior design - progressive elegance and robust aesthetics

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 3 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

The high-quality interior is characterized by a consistently sporty ambience with a dynamic, exclusive touch. The standard AMG seats are upholstered in Nappa leather, offer optimized lateral support and feature AMG-specific seat graphics with "AMG" badges in the front seat backrests. Optionally, further leather versions are available. As standard, the individually adjustable ambient lighting is on board. The second row of seats can be optionally fully electrically adjusted. AMG-specific interior trim and controls give the cockpit the typical brand atmosphere and support the sporty and precise handling. The latest-generation AMG Performance steering wheel in 3 spoke design with aluminum shift paddles convinces with ergonomically optimized driver design. In the basic model, the steering wheel rim is covered with black nappa leather, in the S version in nappa leather / microfibre DINAMICA, each with a black 12 clock mark. In addition to other options, there are the AMG steering wheel buttons for particularly fast operation of driving dynamics relevant parameters. The center console includes an AMG-specific control panel with additional switches that control the 3-level ESP®, manual transmission mode, adaptive damping, optional AMG Performance exhaust system, and vehicle level control. In addition to the AMG sports pedal system made of brushed stainless steel with rubber knobs, the entrance strips and black floor mats with "AMG" lettering emphasize the sporty appearance. For further interior customization, there is a wide range of high-quality decorative elements to choose from. The AMG decorative elements in carbon give the interior a particularly sporty touch.

With AMG-specific displays: the MBUX infotainment system

Mercedes AMG GLS 63 4MATIC Tuning 2019 15 BMW X5 M Competitor 612 PS Mercedes GLE 63 S 4MATIC +

The innovative operating and display concept MBUX creates an even closer connection between vehicle, driver and passengers in the new performance SUVs. At the same time, the latest version of the infotainment system contributes to the high level of everyday practicality. Emotional presentations such as the particularly striking Supersport mode with a central rev counter and three-dimensional scale displays that give the instrument visual depth underline the exclusivity. Whether with a touchpad, touch control buttons on the steering wheel, touchscreen, voice input or gesture control: the operating concept is as versatile as it is flexible. Thanks to the innovative voice control - can be activated by shouting "Hey Mercedes" - the software recognizes and understands almost all commands from the infotainment areas and vehicle operation - even if they are uttered indirectly. With the four AMG-specific display styles "Modern Classic", "Sporty", "Subtle" or "Supersport", the vehicle functions can be experienced directly via the instrument cluster on the left and the touchscreen display on the right. Visually, the two displays merge under a common cover glass to form a widescreen cockpit, emphasizing the horizontal alignment of the interior design as a central element. In the “Supersport” view there is extensive AMG-specific additional information, such as a request borrowed from motorsport to upshift in manual transmission mode, the so-called “shift light”. The driver can also call up additional special displays via the AMG menu:

  • Gear indicator with yellow "M" symbol in manual mode
  • Warm-up menu Engine and transmission oil temperature
  • Set-up menu AMG DYNAMIC SELECT settings
  • G-meter longitudinal and lateral acceleration forces
  • Race timer stopwatch, lap and sector times
  • Engine data Power and torque, engine oil and transmission oil temperature

The newly designed visualisations in the multimedia display make other vehicle functions even easier to experience, including animated presentations on the driver assistance, vehicle and communication systems as well as the driving programs. When the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programs "Trail" and "Sand" are activated, offroad-specific settings such as incline, inclination and differential lock can be selected in the instrument cluster and displayed in the media display.

Enhanced comfort is offered by the optional ENERGIZING Package Plus.

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 6 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

It combines many premium features and includes multi-contour seats for driver and front passenger, seat climate control for driver and front passenger (with seat heating and seat ventilation), the heat comfort package, the AIR-BALANCE package (scenting, ionization and air purification) and six ENERGIZING Comfort programs as well as the ENERGIZING COACH for the intelligent pre-selection of ENERGIZING comfort programs that match the driving situation and driver's condition. Also included: the ambient lighting with program-specific lighting moods.

Comfort and driving assistance: an offer for all purposes

The optional driver assistance package supports the driver in a situation-appropriate manner for speed adaptation, steering, lane change and even in the event of a collision hazard. Ingredients are Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC, Active Speed ​​Limit Assist, Enhanced Automatic Restart on Motorways, Distance-based Speed ​​Adjustment with Jam Function, Active Steering Wizard, Active Lane Change Assist, Active Emergency Stop Assistant with SOS function, Lifeline function; Active brake assist, turn-off and intersection function, end-of-stroke emergency braking function; Evasive steering assistance; Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Exit Warning Function; PRE-SAFE® PLUS and the traffic sign assistant. The driving assistance package Plus offers maximum comfort and safety. It also includes the Active Stowage Assist, which helps when driving in stop-and-go traffic, and in the case of side collisions, the PRE-SAFE® Impulse side can also provide additional protection.

612 PS 63 4MATIC C167 22 5 M 612 PS 63 PS 4M XNUMXMATIC X

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