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Mercedes SL63 AMG Compressor Mcchip R230 Tuning 14

So actually one would like to think that the facelift SL63 AMG with its 6,2 liter naturally aspirated engine (M156) and 525PS & 630NM has more than enough power available. Thanks to the 7-speed MCT transmission (Multi Clutch Transmission) it is in 4,7 seconds only on 100km / h and only with electronically regulated 250 is over. But apparently not enough for the owner of this SL63 AMG. He had the vehicle on site with the Mcchip-DKR team a long time ago in order to have a performance increase made on the V8. A compressor kit has been installed that ensures that the standard 525 PS become significantly more. The SL63 AMG of the type R230 is one of the few vehicles that is still delivered with a purely naturally aspirated engine and so an effective increase in performance is only feasible in this way. No exact dates have been announced, but we have already 2014 have reported an increase in performance to 713 PS & 1060 Nm torque is easily feasible.

Mercedes SL63 AMG Compressor Mcchip R230 Tuning 12

It is very likely that the SL is also on the road in this performance region. In addition to the compressor kit, the increase in performance includes a "Stage 3" software update (chip tuning), sports catalysts and a sports exhaust system. Because the performance should also be consistently brought to the road, a differential lock from Drexler had to be made, it ensures that when you step on the gas pedal, the performance does not just go up in smoke. So that the whole thing comes to a standstill, it was now apparently time to install a new brake system and say “goodbye” to the series counterpart. So the SL was on site again and a Brembo GT kit was installed that consists of perforated brake discs and red painted brake calipers front and rear.

Mercedes SL63 AMG Compressor Mcchip R230 Tuning 6

The system not only looks a lot sportier, it also ensures improved deceleration. And optically something has changed on the SL63. A set of new KV1 alloy wheels from mbDesign is now responsible for filling out the wheel arches and unnecessary space in the wheel arch is reduced by electronically lowering the so-called ABC chassis. In our opinion, the overall concept is absolutely successful and the understatement of the SL63 AMG in particular remains 100%. If we get more information about the modifications, there will of course, as always, be an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Mercedes SL63 AMG Compressor Mcchip R230 Tuning 1

(Photos: Mcchip-DKR)

These are the changes to the Mercedes SL63 AMG:

  • Brembo - GT kit front & rear (perforated letters, red brake calipers)
  • mbDesign KV1 alloy wheels
  • Differential lock from Drexler
  • Lowering (by adjusting the electronics)
  • Performance increase - (possibly to 713 PS and 1060 Nm torque, compressor conversion, Stage 3 ″ software update, sports catalysts, sports exhaust system)

Mercedes SL63 AMG Compressor Mcchip R230 Tuning 11

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713 PS & 1060 Nm torque

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