Friday 22nd October 2021

Mercedes SLS Roadster from the Japanese Tuner Office-K

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Actually, the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster R197 the less popular of the two SLS models. Most of the clientele chose the SLS AMG C 197 with double doors. I personally think that the Roadster is the nicer car. Gullwing doors to and fro to enjoy a car open and a few tenths slower than the coupe, but to listen to the incomparable sound of the 6,2l V8 with 571PS leaves the gullwing doors quickly forgotten in my opinion.

office k sls roadster forgiato wheels 1 Mercedes SLS Roadster from the Japanese Tuner Office K

(Photos: Office-K)

If it is also such a fancy version as the one from the tuner Office-K, all the more so. The SLS AMG Roadster has been significantly changed, we have summarized the changes for you:

  • Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster R 197
  • Wide body kit by FAB-Design (completely modified bumpers front and rear, side skirts)
  • Forgiato Alloy Wheels (Forgiato Navaja-ECX 4TONE)
  • Sports suspension kicked together
  • Accessories Roberuta Lift System (raises the car on request, to cross eg brake pads)
  • orange interior with carbon accents

Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Mercedes SLS Roadster from the Japanese tuner Office K

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  1. It looks really great, I like it very much ;-)

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