Mercedes V-Class as V63 AMG? GAD makes it possible!

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W447 Mercedes V Class V63 AMG V8 BiTurbo GAD Motors Tuning 8 Mercedes V Class as V63 AMG? GAD makes it possible!

We already know of potent van projects based on the VW T5 or T6. Vehicles like that 647 PS T5 (TH2RS CUP) from tuner TH Automobile and of course that HGP T5 single piece with 700 hp show that also a dull van / bus to the aggressive Drag racer can mutate. But as a rule, such conversions are limited to the VW bus and almost never to vehicles similar to the one Ford Tourneo or even the expensive one Mercedes V-class. But that's exactly what the German tuner is now changing GAD Motors with an incredible project based on the current V-Class that was started some time ago. The V-Class is known to exist as the V 300 d (Vito 124 CDI) - also as 4Matic or 4 × 4 version - with a maximum of 239 hp from a four-cylinder turbo diesel (OM 654) as a counterpart to the most powerful Bulli with 204 hp petrol engine (VW EA288).

with 4-liter V8 biturbo

However, Mercedes did and had a six-cylinder for the loadmaster should not on offer. And from one V8 we don't need to talk at all. What do you want in a van with a V8? Die Antwort: Have fun and transport 7 people! So GAD Motors thought - "the 4-liter V8 biturbo from the AMG shelf is exactly the right decision".

And the result actually puts the V-Class on the drag strip as an opponent of various muscle and supercars (see video below by Automotive Mike). And the best thing about the conversion is that the V-Class can hardly be distinguished from the series, especially by the layman. However, if you take a closer look, you will see behind the new ones 19 inch Maybach style rims also the mighty one Ceramic brakes with their golden saddles and the XXL discs from AMG. The rest of the conversion is compared to the series, which in this case was a model with 190 PS & 440 NM (V 250 d | 2,2-liter turbodiesel), but not to be seen.

Quarter mile race in a V-Class? Why not!

And another highlight is the fact that you can get the mighty V8 should not somewhere in the passenger compartment in the rear area. We've already seen that with a few other bus conversions and it's definitely a cool thing, but it leaves the utility of such a vehicle disappear completely. GAD-Motors actually stuffed the engine under the bonnet. However, the engine is changed greatly. It was simple with the necessary standard attachments too large. In order to solve the problem, the German tuner basically had to have one for the project Custom engine create. The result is a M177 with modified GAD parts. As far as we know, the performance is current 585 PS (436 kW), which by means of the aforementioned Ceramic Brake System from AMG to be braked again appropriately.

The 9-speed automatic was also converted!

W447 Mercedes V Class V63 AMG V8 BiTurbo GAD Motors Tuning 1 Mercedes V Class as V63 AMG? GAD makes it possible!

That of course also those Nine-speed automatic and the complete Electronics (ESP, Disctronic, transmission, etc.). are specially made for the V-Class, that goes without saying. And of course there was also one modified suspension with a subtle lowering and is unmistakable on the Exhaust system with catalytic converter and GPF (Petrol particle filter) from our own production, befitting a thick V8. Just acoustically something unusual on a bus! If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Mercedes V-Class (W 447) with V8 bi-turbo engine!
Photo credit: GAD-Motors GmbH

Mercedes V-Class V8 - Conversion impressions

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