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And it goes on in terms of PIECHA Design and the topic of "Mercedes". After Mercedes E-Class Cabrio & CoupeSLE-ClassSLC or even the potent one C63's AMG (W205) it was the turn of the smallest Mercedes -> the A-Class of the type W176. The tuner from 78628 Rottweil lets the thoughts of the actually cruel W168 and W169 and the related topic of the moose test, but also the "pension cliché", evaporate completely now. The new A-Class, especially with the AMG package and the PIECHA Design Styling-Kit GT-R, is extremely sporty and dynamic and certainly doesn't have to hide behind the competition from BMW & Audi. If you want, you can now equip your AMG-Line model with PIECHA GT-R Front Cup Wings, a front splitter, a roof edge spoiler and a chic rear diffuser insert including original AMG double tailpipe trims from SL63 AMG or C63 AMG and really make a big splash. The sporty look is rounded off by PIECHA light alloy wheels of the type MP1-Monoblock in titanium or black, which are available in 19 inches.

2016 PIECHA Design Mercedes W176 A Class Tuning Bodykit 2 And ​​on we go PIECHA Design Mercedes W176 A class

The MP5-LXM wheelset

If that's not enough, you can always fall back on the MP5-LXM wheelset, which is even available up to 20 inches for the A-Class. The Piecha team released the sporty A-Class the days and we are of course pleased to be able to show you the pictures. After the extensive but subtle tuning cure that the A-Class was allowed to endure, it is now visually significantly changed, more individual and more dynamic than the production version, without exaggerating. So if you have been secretly thinking of buying a W176 for a long time, or if you are already a happy owner, Piecha Design is certainly an interesting starting point when it comes to differentiating the vehicle from the production model.

As far as the further changes to optics or technology are concerned, also for "non-AMG line models", we have tried to find out the most important details. As always, we have listed what came out of it in the lower part of the article in a small summary for you. If you discover more changes that we have missed, please use our comment box and let us know, we will then add them to the article as soon as possible.

Ps. If you have more tuned vehicles like this one Jaguar F-Type Convertible or even the Mercedes CLA from Piecha design just look at the photo hint below on the tuner name!

(Photos: Piecha design)

These are the known changes to the series of the Mercedes W176:

  • suitable for the Mercedes A-Class W176
  • PIECHA Design Styling Kits GT and GT-R
  • PIECHA GT-R Front Cup Wings (440 euros / pair) suitable for the original AMG bumper
  • PIECHA GT-R Front Splitter (183 Euro / pair)
  • PIECHA GT-R Roof Edge Spoiler (476 Euro)
  • PIECHA GT-R rear diffuser insert (714 euros) including original AMG double tailpipe trims from SL63 AMG - C63 AMG (575 euros / pair) - only for original AMG bumpers
  • PIECHA the GT front spoiler lip URBAN (345 Euro) for vehicles without AMG package
  • PIECHA the GT sill flaps URBAN (198 Euro / 2 pcs.)
  • PIECHA light alloy wheels MP1 monoblock in titanium or black (8,5 and 9,5 x 19 inches for 1470 euros per set, concave double-rotor design - optional 8,5 x 20 inch rims MP5-LXM for 2210 euros)
  • optional PIECHA Power Converter available
  • optional PIECHA trolleys available

We are sure that we will receive some information and definitely new pictures and videos in the next few weeks. As soon as this is the case, we will of course add to the article and inform you about it.

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