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Mercedes X-Class three-axle - 6 × 6 pickup for the rough!

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Mercedes X Class three-axle 6x6 pickup Carlex W470 23 Mercedes X Class three-axle 6x6 pickup for the rough!

Photo credit: Classic Youngtimers

The career of the Mercedes pickup called X-Class (W 470), which was manufactured together with Renault / Nissan, was not exactly crowned with success. After only three model years, the sturdy all-rounder, which was presented in 2017, disappeared without a sound from the market without a successor being planned. But this did not mean that the popularity among tuners decreased, because the wildest creations based on the X-Class can be realized, like us tuners like Kahn design, Carlex design or Brabus to prove. And more and more X-Classes are being modified, although the model was not a sales success for Mercedes. Today we want you to be the first to know us three-axis version imagine, which looks a bit like an end-of-time model, and was apparently commissioned by a solvent customer.

Thought for the day after.

More precisely, the Dutch car dealer has Classic Youngtimers initiated the project, and on the Rear bar you can find the lettering of the Polish tuning company Carlex. However, it is unclear whether Carlex realized this project. It would not come as a surprise, however, because the Poles already have in 2018 with a three-axle X-Class as a rendering in the tuning world caused a sensation. It was definitely a special one subframe made to the third axis to be able to install on the pickup

There is also a lift from full 10 centimeterswhich also allows huge Off-road tires to install. The off-road tires were obviously on black painted steel rims raised, which give the whole vehicle a certain military flair. Besides, he creates brown lacquer a certain proximity to army vehicles, but the Chrome bumper from our point of view may not really go with this look.

Mercedes X Class three-axle 6x6 pickup Carlex W470 16 Mercedes X Class three-axle 6x6 pickup for the rough!

The massive ones also appear robust fender flaresthat were kept in a matt black off-road look. For even more pomp there was also a AMG style grill attached, which should suggest to the person in front that this is an AMG model. At the stern was the loading area with Checker plate lined, and the one already mentioned Carlex bracket runs over the entire flank up to the roof. In order to make it clear to every layperson, a "6 Wheeler" lettering attached to the tailgate. With this 6 × 6 monster you are probably well equipped in the event of a disaster, and at least get through everywhere on the day after. But even at normal tuning meetings you would be the undisputed king of the show with this X-Class.

A 3-liter V6 turbo diesel provides propulsion.

Mercedes X Class three-axle 6x6 pickup Carlex W470 7 Mercedes X Class three-axle 6x6 pickup for the rough!

The drive source, on the other hand, is not as apocalyptic as the external concept. A V6 turbodiesel with a displacement of three liters works under the hood, the 258 hp and 550 Newton meters of maximum torque generated. Thus, although the X does not become an AMG killer, it should not go limp in the rough terrain as quickly as some lowered bling-bling G-classes with insane horsepower figures, which are only there to help the beautiful and rich of them Chauffeuring the world on the boulevards.

Our conclusion on the three-axle Mercedes X-Class!

A very unusual project that will certainly attract a lot of attention and will probably be discussed controversially. We think the tuner did an outstanding job with the completion, and we praise the courage and creativity in designing such an end-of-time pickup from the X-Class. If you also liked the project, you can take a look at the corresponding picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Mercedes X350 X Class Hollmann Widebody W470 Header 310x165 Mercedes X Class three-axle 6x6 pickup for the rough!

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Carlex Mercedes X Class EXY Racing Green Edition Header 310x165 Mercedes X Class three-axle 6x6 pickup for the rough!

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