Cement gray MG6 with Airride chassis and RAYS Alus!

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ChwFRWAxvoyAZvVDAAGlulvdJ9w877.jpg Cement gray MG6 with Airride chassis and RAYS Alus!

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It's been a while since we reported on a modified MG, but the models from the traditional British brand, which are now under the direction of the Chinese SAIC group blossoms again, are very popular as a tuning object. There are many modified specimens of the MG6 circulating on the web, which is positioned as a hatchback sedan between the compact and mid-range and, despite its unusual positioning, is proving to be an absolute bestseller. The model is not only available in the Chinese market, but also in Great Britain, Australia and various other markets around the world. The model that we are presenting to you today is a second-generation example that was built before the current facelift and thus still has the Jaguar-like grille.

Show car with a cool mix of tuning styles

The first thing to fall is that cement gray foiling on the MG6, thanks to a Airride chassis was lowered quite deep, and thus almost scratches the asphalt. The car rolls up RAYS TE37 rims in 18-inch format to which Yokohama Advan AD08R tires in the format 235/40/18. There were also wheel nuts from BLOX built in, which are kept in gray, and integrate perfectly into the tuning concept. The absolute highlights are of course those red LED headlights, which would be banned in Germany according to § 50 of the StVZO, but are currently all the rage in China, and at CDM tuning vehicles may not be missing. Also the Rump spoiler, another must-have in China, is of course built in. In this case it is even off Carbon and looks sporty.

ChsEl2Axvo6AV7seAADOXphg0F0108.jpg Cement gray MG6 with Airride chassis and RAYS Alus!

For this purpose a Front spoiler made of carbon as well side skirts installed, which, however, were wrapped in body color. At the rear there is also a component that you normally only get from the JDM scene knows, namely a can-sized one Exhaust tailpipe from RESwhich has such a large diameter that an animal could sleep in it. In order to generate an even sportier look, the radiator grill as well as the Emblems blackened. Cool, but a bit exaggerated from our point of view "Cambergang" sticker on the windshield, because the MG does not have a Camber-Tuning, but via a standard camber. In our opinion, the MG6 could also collect plus points in Germany and Europe at an open-brand tuning meeting, because the vehicle looks professionally tuned and is garnished with a few highlights.

A 1,5-liter turbo gasoline engine powers the MG.

Were under the hood none Changes made, and a 1,5 liter turbo gasoline engine with 169 PS and 250 Newtonmeter maximum torque does its job. The engine ensures adequate driving performance, as it sprints from 8 to 0 in about 100 seconds and the top speed is only reached at 210 km / h. So you can also hit the gas when you are in a bit of a hurry, even if you don't tear trees with your performance, of course.

ChwFkGAxvo2AE GMAAELnDjY c4904.jpg Cement gray MG6 with Airride chassis and RAYS Alus!

Our conclusion on this MG6:

A very successful mix comes out here CDM and JDM tuningthat looks professional and doesn't look like a craft shop. If you liked this vehicle, then we recommend you to click through our picture gallery, which we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

ChsEnGAxvoqAd7EYAAEVTDcYvnI740.jpg Cement gray MG6 with Airride chassis and RAYS Alus!

Don't worry, of course that was far from being the case when it came to auto / auto tuning. Our magazine still has tens of thousands other tuning reports in stock. Do you want to see them all? Then just click HERE and look around. Or are you particularly interested in the MG brand? Then the following excerpt with other vehicles is definitely the right one.

Photo Story: MG Metro 6R4 by Colin McRaea with 400PS

MG Metro 6R4 tuning rally car Colin McRaea with 400PS 1 1 e1470628188153 310x165 cement gray MG6 with Airride chassis and RAYS Alus!

Black is Beautiful - MG 6 in racing style with a bold look.

MG 6 tuning body kit Brembo header e1591430695862 310x165 cement gray MG6 with Airride chassis and RAYS aluminum!

Fierce: MG 6 with widebody kit in touring car style!

MG 6 with widebody kit touring car style tuning header 310x165 cement gray MG6 with Airride chassis and RAYS Alus! 

Cement gray MG6 with Airride chassis and RAYS Alus!

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