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Diesel power pack: BMW M340d as MH3 400d from Manhart Performance!

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Diesel power pack: BMW M340d as MH3 400d from Manhart Performance!

Manhart Performance is known for its regular impressive refinement of high-performance sports cars and top models, mostly with powerful petrol engines. But who says they can't also focus on diesel vehicles? The best example is that MH7 400d, M50D or even the MHX4 360d. The experts from Wuppertal have proven on several occasions that they can definitely do this and are now presenting their latest wonder car with a diesel engine, the MH3 400d, which is based on the current 3-series top model from BMW, the M340d, based. The M340d is powered by a 3-liter straight-six driven, which already boasts in the standard version thanks to double turbocharging 340 PS and an enormous torque of 700 Nm brings. But the magicians of Manhart didn't leave it at that. With the proven MHtronik additional control unit they tickled a few extra horsepower out of the engine. The result: impressive 380 PS and a torque of 770 Nm. That's just 20 NM More than a standard one M5 CS and a whopping 220 NM more than one M3G80!

Manhart MH3 400d

And the leap in performance is not only reflected in the driving performance, but also in the Sound of the MH3 400d, thanks to the Manhart rear silencer with valve control and four 90 mm tailpipes. The traditional Manhart tuning goes beyond the mere increase in performance and also includes a large number of optical modifications. The Munich limousine came with silver and red frieze on the in this case black painted body individually decorated and added Carbon Parts from the M Performance catalogue, below spoiler lips for front and rear as well as a rear diffuser. The eye-catcher par excellence, however, are the in-house Manhart Concave One rims in matte black. With their powerfully drawn double spokes and dimensions of 9×20 inches at the front and 10,5×20 inches at the rear, complemented by 255/30ZR20 and 275/30ZR20 tires, they give the MH3 400d an impressive presence.

Stunning looks meet impressive performance

And thanks to Lowering thanks to H&R springs, the whole package sits perfectly on the road. And in the interior, Manhart continues the refinement by adding the standard M sports seats carbon bezels for the upper part of the Back shells upgrade. Carbon shift paddles and illuminated Manhart door sills complete the luxurious interior. With the MH3 400d, Manhart shows once again that they don't just have petrol in their veins. Diesel can be fun, too, and this vehicle is proof of that. Because no matter whether on the racetrack or on the road, the MH3 400d is guaranteed to turn heads and make hearts beat faster. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Diesel power pack: BMW M340d as MH3 400d from Manhart Performance!

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Diesel power pack: BMW M340d as MH3 400d from Manhart Performance!

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Diesel power pack: BMW M340d as MH3 400d from Manhart Performance!
BMW M340d as MH3 400d by Manhart Performance
Photo credit: Manhart Performance
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