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Mini Cooper S (F56) with body kit and camber tuning!

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Mini Cooper S F56 Bodykit Camber Tuning 2 Mini Cooper S (F56) with Bodykit and Camber Tuning!

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A Mini Cooper S is probably the only racing roll in this category that is mainly driven by young and middle-aged women. While other sporty bang cans are optically brushed for riot, and often have young men as their main clientele, the cute looking Cooper S looks a bit dreamy into the wide world, and his big googly eyes magically attract women above all, because they have the so-called child pattern embody. But far from it, because despite its design, a Mini Cooper S is a real corner robber, and shows pretty much every other small sporty car where the hammer hangs in terms of driving dynamics. This Mini Cooper S, which is based in China and has been pimped up by its owner, now finally dispels the prejudice that this is a purely women's car.

Bad mini for the big show.

The manager of the iAcro Chapter of the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia, Xiao Meng, who owns this Mini Cooper S, has set himself the goal of creating a Mini that stands out benevolently from the mass of modified Minis. The tuner chose a large portfolio of parts for this DuelL AG, a parts manufacturer from Japan, and combined parts of the series called Track Master, Mariposa and Krone Editionin order to create your very own tuning style. The aggressive one bonnet with the ventilation slots and the large air scoop comes from the Krone Edition V1.1while the exhaust system from DuelL AG is very similar to a racing exhaust system.

The front spoiler is also from the aforementioned tuning company from the land of the rising sun, but comes from the Track Master series. They also join in roof spoiler, an extremely sporty one front apron as well as a double diffuser at the rear, which was installed below the exhaust pipes. But the extreme one is special negative camber on the rear axle, believe it or not 8 degree and the Mini Cooper S is an absolute one Show and shine object makes. Furthermore were BBS RS rims in 17-inch format tucked up, and the wheel arches were pulled to give a light even on the front axle Camber effect to generate. In our opinion, these classic BBS rims go well with the extremely British design of the Mini Cooper S, but look a little more stylish on classic vehicles from the 1990s.

Mini Cooper S F56 Bodykit Camber Tuning 10 Mini Cooper S (F56) with Bodykit and Camber Tuning!

There are also a few minor modifications to the vehicle, such as additional ones LED lights with vertical orientation, or Exterior mirror caps in carbon look. Last but not least, one was of course also Airride chassis built into the Mini, which can be accessed using a Airlift control can be adjusted individually. Thus, the Cooper S leaves little to be desired when it comes to being stylish, sporty and classy on the road, and it would certainly be a crowd puller at every tuning meeting in Europe as well.

Interior completely kept in racing look.

They are very noticeable Racing seats named by bride Goat III Type-R. Together with the green beltswhich, surprisingly, are just normal three-point seat belts, they form a harmonious unit that creates a real racing feeling. Likewise, had the back seat for one Roll cage give way to RVER, but this is not a problem, because the rear seats of a Mini Cooper S are hardly usable as such anyway. The cockpit and the center console, on the other hand, have remained completely standard.

Nothing has been changed on the engine.

Furthermore, the 2-liter four-cylinder turbo heart beats under the hood, which runs on petrol. The performance data amounts to 192 hp, and a maximum torque of 300 Newton meters with overboost function. Equipped like this, the little racer sprints in 6,7 seconds from 0 to Tempo 100, Und die top speed is proud 235 km/h. Unfortunately, we don't know what the maneuverability of the car will look like after the extreme camber tuning on the rear axle. Incidentally, the power is transmitted via a automatic transmission on the front wheels.

Our conclusion on this Mini Cooper S:

We are impressed by what tuner Xiao Meng has put on the wheels, because the Mini Cooper S really looks like something out of a glossy magazine. If you also liked this project, then you can take a look at the corresponding picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Mini Cooper S (F56) with body kit and camber tuning!

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