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For Citroën, the focus is on providing affordable, individual and sustainable mobility. Therefore oli [all-ë]. The success of the Ami has given the impetus to take the unconventional in the concept car oli to a new level. The innovative Ami has once again demonstrated Citroën's courage to do things differently in order to fulfill the commitment to provide all people with a simple, all-electric mobility solution. He also provided the impetus for the oli, an eye-catching and innovative 'laboratory on wheels' designed to improve family mobility, bucking the industry trend towards heavier, more complex and more expensive electric cars.


“We called this project 'oli' as a nod to the American and because it encapsulates what this vehicle is all about. It is further proof that only Citroën is able to bring hassle-free, all-electric mobility to EVERYONE in an unexpected, responsible and rewarding way.”, says Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée.

It is Citroën's mission statement: an adventurous, multi-faceted offering of clever and achievable ideas that focus on reducing weight and complexity to maximize efficiency, versatility and accessibility. oli is a concept in which the trend towards "more" is exchanged for the constructive "enough": "as much as one needs or is necessary". (adapted from Collins English Dictionary) Customers can expect that many of the ideas and innovations shown in oli will be incorporated into Citroën's future electric family vehicles.

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While the Ami was literally a small step in the right direction, the oli means a big leap forward. The oli is not a 2.500 kg "palace on wheels" filled with screens and gadgets. It proves that society's need for affordable yet desirable zero-emission mobility that enables diverse lifestyles can be met - if there are enough things that customers need and want, and if they are made available through the inventive use of responsible materials and a sustainable production process get supported.

Vincent Cobée explains why the time is right for the oli: “Three societal conflicts are occurring simultaneously – first, the value of and dependence on mobility, second, economic constraints and resource insecurity, and third, our growing desire for a responsible and optimistic future. Consumers sense that the age of plenty may be over and that increasing regulations and rising costs could limit our ability to move freely. At the same time, there is growing awareness of the need to accelerate efforts to mitigate climate change, making us more environmentally conscious and demanding.”

A typical family car from the mid-70s weighed around 800 kg, was 3,7 m long and 1,6 m wide. Today's models weigh more than 1.200 kg, are at least 4,3 m long and 1,8, 2.500m wide. Some even weigh more than 95 kg. Legal and safety requirements have helped, but if the trend continues and we continue to park these vehicles 80% of the day and make XNUMX% of trips with only one occupant, the conflict between the need to protect our planet and the promise of a future will become one sustainable, electrified mobility will not be easy to solve.

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“Citroën believes that electrification shouldn't be expensive and that being environmentally conscious shouldn't be penalized by restricting our mobility or making vehicles less attractive. We need to reverse trends by making vehicles lighter and cheaper and finding inventive ways to maximize usage. Otherwise, families will no longer be able to afford the freedom of mobility when all-electric vehicles become the only option for them. oli shows impressively how Citroën faces these conflicts with optimism”, says Vincent Cobee.


Citroën believes it is time to end the trend towards excess and expense and instead focus on creating simple, honest vehicles that are lighter, less complicated, affordable, ingenious and fun. The idiosyncratic and uncomplicated Ami was an important step in this direction, while electrified and fully electric models like the ë-C4 and the new ë-C4-X, as well as light commercial vehicles like the ë-Berlingo and the ë-Spacetourer, were already taking advantage of the combine electrified driving with the comfort, personality and utility that customers have come to expect from Citroën.

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 25

With the oli, Citroën shows a bold approach to improving future family mobility by thinking through every detail to reduce resources and materials and build attractive vehicles that are easier to use, understand and pay for, with reasonable range and increased versatility. "The oli is a working platform to explore ingenious ideas that are realistic for a future production", says Laurence Hansen, Director Citroën Product and Strategy. "They will not all be realized, but the high level of innovation shown here will inspire future Citroën vehicles."


The cleverly designed oli is a versatile family vehicle with sustainability at its core. It explicitly shows how the best ecological balance can be achieved - from the conception with restrained, optimal use of lightweight and recycling materials to sustainable production processes and a long service life to responsible recyclability at the end of the life cycle. “We only wanted to use the amount of materials that we really need. That's why we've had an uncompromising goal of putting the right resources where they're needed, while limiting the impact of deploying those resources.", says Laurence Hansen.

When the number of parts and components is intelligently reduced, the lightest and most responsible materials are used, and complexity is minimized while increasing versatility and functionality, the result is something much more efficient, very affordable and less complicated, which is at the same time unexpected is ingenious in its design and utility.

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 10

Well thought-out details can be found everywhere in the Oli. The seats, for example, have a simple design and require 80% fewer parts than traditional seats. They are made from recycled materials and the design of the mesh backrests allows for more natural light inside the vehicle. Everyone involved benefits from this, because the vehicle weight is reduced, the seats are produced responsibly and sustainably, and the improved interior climate has a positive effect on the comfort of the occupants.

“Ultimately, it's more a lifestyle choice than a vehicle choice. You can choose to pay for the latest features and artificial intelligence that you only use 2% of the time driving, or you can ask yourself how to act responsibly and how much of it you really need”, says Laurence Hansen. "The oli is a way of saying: enough is enough! I want something innovative, but I want it to be uncomplicated, affordable, responsible and durable. The oli is all that, plus a large portion of joie de vivre!”


The Citroën oli shows that EVs can go further, be more versatile and cost less when addressing the adversities of range and efficiency of battery electric vehicles. “It's a vicious circle: to achieve more electric range, you need a larger battery. More technology requires more power, which in turn means a bigger battery. All of this adds weight, complexity and cost, and the more a vehicle weighs, the less efficient it is.", adds Laurence Hansen. "The oli shows what can happen if we take a completely different approach." Although the oli looks bulky, it is neither heavy nor bulky - with a vehicle weight of around 1.000 kg, it is significantly lighter than most comparable compact SUVs. Therefore, the all-electric powertrain only needs a 40 kWh battery to achieve a range of up to 400 km. By limiting top speed to 110km/h to maximize efficiency, an excellent consumption of 10kWh/100km is realistic and charging from 20% to 80% takes just 23 minutes.


For Citroën's development and design teams, ingenuity was the keyword to ensure that the oli is more than a 'car'.


The Citroën oli is indeed a life partner – a useful everyday gadget that helps people live their lives to the fullest even when they are not on the move. Citroën has a long history of influencing the lifestyles of its customers through the use of its vehicles. Whatever use you can imagine for the oli when traveling or at home, it always exudes clever functionality that is practical and easy to use. The Citroën oli also demonstrates how a vehicle can serve as a home away from home for summer trips to the beach or a camping weekend in the mountains thanks to its Vehicle to Load (V2L) capability. With its 40 kWh battery and a socket output of 3,6 kW (equivalent to a 230 V 16 A household socket), the oli can theoretically supply a 3.000 watt electrical device with electricity for around 12 hours.

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 14

"It's awesome after you've been swimming or got wet in the rain and need to dry your hair," says Anne Laliron, Head of Citroën Advanced Products and Mobility Solutions. “You have power for your hair dryer and you can cool or heat a drink because you can plug in a mini fridge or coffee maker, and when it gets dark you can also plug in your grill and lights. So the oli is definitely your daily lifestyle partner.”


The unconventional posture and silhouette of the oli, which at 4,20 m long, 1,65 m high and 1,90 m wide resembles a compact SUV, radiates personality, performance and positivity and makes a clear statement. But the oli can be anything: a family sedan, an urban explorer, an adventure vehicle, a workmate, and even an extension of the family home, as it's able to power everyday devices, help out in the event of a power outage, or provide a window-washing platform.

Pierre Leclercq, Design Director Citroën, is convinced that the oli represents the simplicity and ingenuity of families who do not value automotive status and clichés: "There is a clarity that Citroën has always stood for that other brands do not have. It is much more difficult to design a pure but unique object than to overcomplicate something and make it unique. Think of iconic vehicles like the new Ami or the 2CV – silhouettes that are immediately recognizable as Citroën and that also have a longer life cycle due to their pragmatism.”

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 8

With the oli, the aesthetic has been deliberately overdone to enhance functionality and versatility. Like the Ami, he openly shows his simple and intuitive approach. It is characterized by the use of color accents, bright paneling materials and vibrant patterns that offer opportunities for personalization. The team thought through each element of the oli based on the need for multiple functionality, weight and complexity reduction through the responsible use of fewer or common parts and from recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible.

“We're not afraid to show you how the vehicle is put together, so you can see things like the frame, screws and hinges. Purity allows us to create differently and to question everything. It's like an analogue approach to a lot of things that have gone digital today,” adds Leclercq. "That's why we took a less automotive approach with the oli - it's this purity and ingenuity that will inspire elements of our design language for years to come."

Pierre Sabas, Head of Citroën Advanced Design and Concept Cars, adds: “We set ourselves ambitious goals and it became an exercise in 'design by process' – instead of imagining a form and trying to find a way to make it happen, we started with the functionality we wanted. Then we simplified everything and gradually found clever, responsible materials to reduce weight and cost. And then we did it all again.”


The flat bonnet, roof and rear cargo area that are responsible for the vehicle's unique silhouette have been designed to ensure light weight, high strength and maximum durability. They consist of recycled corrugated cardboard formed into a honeycomb structure between glass fiber reinforcement panels and were developed together with partner BASF. They are with Elastoflex® Polyurethane resin coated with a protective layer of tough, textured Elastocoat® coated (often used for parking decks or loading docks), and with innovative water-based BASF RM Agilis® Varnish varnished. The panels are very stiff, light weight and strong enough for an adult to stand on. The weight is reduced by 50% compared to an equivalent steel roof construction.

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 19

Their versatility and durability open up a world of possibilities for owners, both for work and play. Whatever use you can think of - from using the roof as a ladder to a platform to set up a tent - the oli comes without the added weight or expense of fancy materials. There are also no compromises when it comes to loading versatility, as the roof rails on both sides allow owners to attach accessories such as bike racks and roof boxes for family holidays. Under the hood are well thought-out storage spaces, including compartments for charging cables, personal belongings and emergency equipment.


The conscious choice of flat surfaces due to resource and material constraints allowed the team to experiment with the contrast of vertical and horizontal design elements, for example in the glass and lighting details. "All of the key design elements of the oli are perfectly horizontal or vertical - that's something we wanted to test", says Pierre Leclercq. “The usual approach would be to choose dynamic lines and other car manufacturers would not dare to do what we have done. But we are looking for honesty and efficiency in the design language.”

The windshield is vertical because it has the shortest distance between the top and bottom and uses the least amount of glass. In addition to being lighter and less complex, the smaller disc exposes the occupants to less sunlight. It is estimated that the oli's air conditioning power requirements for the batteries can be reduced by up to 17%. “You could argue that a vertical windshield is less aerodynamic, but we don't expect people to drive this type of vehicle at 200 km/h. We see the greatest benefits in urban and suburban areas, where people are slowing down and aware of the environmental and safety aspects of everyday mobility. For this reason we have limited the top speed of the oli to 110 km/h”, explains Pierre Sabas.

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 23

To increase efficiency, the oli features an experimental "Aero Duct" system between the front part of the hood and the flat cover panel, which forces air towards the windshield, creating a curtain effect that encourages airflow across the windshield roof directs. The distinctive windscreen frame features a vibrant 'Infra-Red' paint finish - a new color that Citroën will use in conjunction with the new brand identity.

The front doors follow the example of the Ami and are identical on both sides, albeit mounted differently. They are lighter but still strong, and much easier to manufacture and assemble. Reducing complexity and simplifying construction results in a 20% weight saving per door compared to a typical family station wagon. Only half as many components are required. By eliminating the loudspeaker, soundproofing material and electrical wiring, approximately 1,7 kg are saved per door.

Large, horizontal windows slope slightly to the ground to reduce solar glare, and manual, easy-to-operate "flip-up" pantograph vents, similar to the Ami, provide fresh airflow. The narrower rear doors are hinged at the rear of the vehicle and feature vertical glazing, allowing more light and visibility for rear passengers. The change in shape between the front and rear doors also offers the option of incorporating a passive air intake for rear ventilation. The front and rear headlights are also very distinctive, playing on the contrast between two horizontal lines and a vertical section. This approach will be further developed as a distinctive Citroën light signature in future production vehicles.


Instead of the usual trunk or tailgate, the oli offers an unexpected, original take on useful product design. “When you think about practicality and versatility, especially for a compact vehicle that needs to be responsible and efficient, you have to think differently. Many people don't find their small SUV any more practical than a compact hatchback. The oli’s unusual cargo area with trunk underneath is our food for thought on how to combine the best of several worlds”, says Leclercq.

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 11

The oli is designed as an easy-to-use lifestyle enabler. Whether you're visiting a furniture store to bring home flat-packed furniture, or inviting paddleboards and a pop-up roof tent for a weekend trip - everything can be accommodated on the spacious loading area and in the trunk thanks to high variability. The rear seat's independent headrests fold into the roof, the rear window opens up, and voilà - the flat, 994mm wide, detachable load floor expands from 679mm to 1.050mm in length in an instant.

Versatility is great and loading is easy. The tailgate folds down and with the bedliner removed, there is up to 582mm of space between the vehicle floor and the rear window. With the cover in place, there is a 330mm high, useful and secure boot underneath. The removable bed liner is lightweight and low-profile, and is made from the same recycled cardboard structure as the hood and headliner. Thoughtful rails are installed on the sides of the cargo area to attach hooks or accessories, and additional storage compartments are located on the side walls, providing a safe place under the cover.

The tailgate consists of two parts - a lower steel plate with a central recess for the number plate and a black panel that carries an important new message visible to all following road users and the driver in the rear-view mirror: "Nothing moves us like Citroën".


Alongside the promise made to customers by the hatchback, the oli draws on Citroën's rational technical heritage to introduce a proud new brand identity. While the oli's design language contrasts horizontal with vertical and curve with flat to demonstrate functionality, technical prowess and clever industrial design, the new 'floating' logo does exactly the same. Signaling engineering prowess and technical efficiency, the distinctive double chevron arranged horizontally contrasts with the soft oval that surrounds it to underscore the brand's relentless commitment to the well-being of its customers. The new emblem deliberately evokes the company's original logo from 1919 and reinterprets it for future Citroën vehicles. The new logo will gradually appear on future vehicles as well as throughout the exterior.

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 20


A key area to maximizing the use of sustainable materials, improving durability and reducing costs is an area owners know to be potentially costly and environmentally unfriendly: wheels and tires. “With pressure to reduce the environmental impact of tires and the increasing cost of replacing or repairing damaged wheels, we decided to explore more sustainable and durable options for both, without sacrificing the typical ride comfort we expect from a Expect Citroën", says Pierre Sabas.

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 4

The sophisticated and efficient 20-inch wheel and tire combination fitted to the oli combines a new prototype hybrid wheel design with a conceptual and sustainable tire co-developed with Goodyear. Since all-aluminum wheels are expensive and energy-intensive to manufacture and all-steel wheels are heavy, the developers opted for a combination of both. The resulting hybrid wheels are 15 percent lighter than an equivalent all-steel wheel, contributing to a weight reduction of 6 kg. “Traditionally, steel wheels are neither beautiful nor aerodynamic unless you cover them with a full wheel cover. In our prototype, we bolt a lightweight aluminum partial cover ring onto a steel hub, saving weight and cost. We can play with the colors and graphics of the ring to improve airflow around the wheel and create a sleek alloy wheel style look.”, adds Pierre Sabas.

Citroën has partnered with Goodyear to develop the Eagle GO concept tire that combines sustainability with durability and intelligent tire condition monitoring technology. The tire's tread compound consists almost entirely of sustainable or recycled materials, including sunflower oil and rice hull ash, as well as pine resins and natural rubber, replacing synthetic, petroleum-based rubber. Good news for vehicle owners is that Goodyear has set a target for the Eagle GO concept tire to achieve a lifespan of up to 500.000km by reusing the sustainable carcass, as the 11mm tread depth is renewed twice during the life of the tyre can. The tire also features Goodyear SightLine technology, which includes a sensor that monitors a variety of parameters throughout the tire's life.


To realize Citroën's signature design element, partner Plastic Omnium helped develop a "mono-material" approach that allows for easy recycling, with strong but lightweight side protection and 100% recyclable polypropylene bumpers that are made to 50% made from recycled materials. Each wheel arch is fitted with an identical, durable, recycled plastic guard with a horizontal top that echoes the contrasting theme of the windows and lighting modules. Like the Ami, the center bumpers are identical front and rear. Underneath are triangular hooks that the driver can use to tow another vehicle or clear a large rock out of the way. Even the tough white BASF RM Agilis® oli's water-based paint is environmentally friendly and contains the lowest possible volatile organic compounds (below 250 g/l).


When it comes to interior design, vehicle designers often give in to requests for larger screens, higher armrests, curved panels and better seats. That means more material, more weight and more costs. "We decided to create as much space and light as possible in the oli while maximizing the use of sustainable materials", says Leclercq. “It's not as easy as you think, because you have to make the interior comfortable, safe and stable, and there are certain technical elements that customers expect. We were inspired by other forms of space-saving product design where a minimum is better - like a smartphone or a hi-fi system. How many switches, knobs and screens do you really need?”

Dashboard: Efficient, innovative and flexible

Instead of a full dashboard with multiple screens and hidden computers, the oli features a single symmetrical dashboard that spans the full width of the vehicle. The steering column and steering wheel are on one side, a smartphone docking station on the other and five clearly marked toggle switches for the air conditioning in the middle. In this area, only 34 parts are used in the oli, while around 75 parts are installed in the dashboard and center console in a comparable compact family car.

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 22

Two direct air vents, one each in front of the driver and passenger, allow the use of a smaller air conditioning system to increase efficiency and save weight. The "sofa" made of BASF Elastollan is located behind and under the carrier® − A bright orange, recyclable, 3D-printed tray made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with flexible "mushrooms" that hold objects such as coffee mugs, smartphones or soda cans in place. The dashboard support houses a power strip into which accessories can be plugged in via sliding USB sockets. This is ideal for powering devices in flexible driver and passenger positions.

Infotainment: plug in and get started

In the oli, the entire infotainment and the required communication is brought into the vehicle via the customer's personal smartphone ("bring your own device"), which is docked in the central socket on the carrier. Once plugged in, phone info and apps are merged with key vehicle data like speed and charge level. This information is displayed via a 'smartband' system projected across the width of the lower windscreen. "Since a smartphone has more computing power than many vehicles, we decided to take a different approach to infotainment.", adds Sabas. “We all have our phones with us and are already using apps for navigation and entertainment, so we saw an opportunity to eliminate the duplication and weight of integrated systems. Just bring your own device and plug it in.”

The same approach is used for the in-vehicle audio system. Each end of the dashboard is hollow, and cylindrical Bluetooth speakers can be docked to listen to high-quality music on the go. Just by doing without the usual audio system, 250 g of weight could be saved. Since the speakers are detachable, the sound can be enjoyed anywhere the vehicle is parked. By hanging them from hooks on the pickup truck bed rails, customers can listen to their latest playlist in great sound quality while dining al fresco or at a party on the beach.

The unusual idea of ​​using a joystick from a professional modular gamepad mounted on the oli's elegant steering wheel is the basis for the human-machine interface. "The gamepad joystick is easy to use and is a great example of how we can transfer solutions from well-known non-automotive areas to the vehicle context", says Pierre Sabas. Also integrated into the steering column is a rotary shifter for controlling the automatic transmission, which is coupled to the start-stop button, while smaller buttons operate the car's lights and indicators.

Seats: Comfortable, light and sustainable

Instead of bulky car seats that swallow light and fill up interior space, the oli's space-saving front seats require 80% fewer parts than seats in a comparable SUV - just 8 instead of up to 37 - and weigh significantly less. The bright orange front seats consist of sturdy tubular frames on which a comfortable seat cushion is mounted. The innovative 3D printed mesh backrests have an integrated headrest and are inspired by modern office furniture. They're slim but highly supportive, comfortable and tough where needed.

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 25

Developed in collaboration with BASF, they are made from lightweight, 100% recyclable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). The material has been given an orange coating to ensure they look and feel inviting. The mesh backrests reinforce the feeling of space and light inside the vehicle - important and typical Citroën factors for comfort and well-being on board. Rear passengers can use the exposed tubular frame of the front seat backrest to attach accessories – such as a small tablet powered by an integrated USB socket, hooks for hanging a tote bag, a cup holder, an airplane-style magazine net or a small tray for the kids to enjoy a snack on the go.

“The front seats are easy to disassemble, remove and recycle if you want to change the color, for example. Nothing is obscured and there are no hidden structures – they are as simple as they look and a perfect example of how functionality and purity have defined every element of the design.” Equally comfortable, individual rear seats are made from similar materials, and the seatbacks fold flat to expand rear cargo space. The round TPU headrests under the roof float above each seat back and fold into the roof when needed.

A storage console is located between each rear seat. Like the dashboard storage compartment, this orange, recyclable, 3D-printed TPU part features flexible "mushrooms" that hold items in place. It is noteworthy that all interior parts made of BASF TPU can be recycled together, which is a further step towards sustainable mono-materiality as an element of the life cycle assessment.

The floor: Sustainable and washable

Instead of hard-to-clean floor mats, the oli offers a one-piece, modular flooring made from expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) in collaboration with BASF. The foam is as elastic as rubber, but lighter, extremely durable and highly abrasion-resistant. It can be completely replaced if the customer prefers a new color. "This high quality and high performance material is usually found in the world of sports", explains Pierre Leclercq. "It's used on running tracks, bicycle saddles and even in the soles of popular running shoes because its spring and cushioning properties can increase performance and comfort on the track."

Citroen Oli 2022 electric drive tuning 21

The floor is also provided with a highly elastic and waterproof coating and can be easily cleaned with a water hose, for example. Reusable TPU drain plugs in the bottom ensure sand and seaweed or mud and slush can be easily washed out after a hot day at the beach or a wet day hiking in the woods.


With the oli, Citroën wants to send serious messages about the future of affordable, sustainable and enjoyable family mobility, as well as the future of the brand itself: “We took a risk with the ami and we take a risk with the oli because we need to push creativity in production”, says Citroën design chief Pierre Leclercq. "There's no point in coming up with cool materials or designs that won't impact future production vehicles. That is why the inclusion of the new logo in the oli is of great importance, because just as elements of design and technology will be found in future models, the new interpretation of the Citroën lettering will be our new standard.”

"We have a broad customer base because we offer personal mobility from the Ami to the C5 X. Not everyone is willing to accept that certain things are not needed", says Laurence Hansen, Director Citroën Strategy and Product. “We will not change everything overnight, but Citroën would like to initiate a discussion and ask what is enough. At the same time, we want to show how we can do the right thing and fulfill our mission of providing responsible, affordable and carefree mobility for everyone.” 


“The automotive industry is not immune to the challenges that every other industry faces as we grapple with the problems brought on by our overconsumption. Citroën leads by example and proves that there are unconventional ways of change that are not boring or restrictive. The Ami is a great example of this, and we're proud of its success as today's unconventional mobility reality. The Citroën oli – our 'laboratory on wheels' – shows how we can inspire families in the future with its clever thinking and its messages of efficiency and doing right. The oli is bold and unconventional - we're Citroën, and we know that making a boring statement means you don't stand out. The Citroën oli is a symbol of our mobility concept: responsible, uncomplicated and affordable for everyday life, but still attractive, desirable and appealing. It's our guide to what you'll need as your family's only vehicle ten years from now.", says Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée.


A key element of the oli is the longevity of the vehicle to create its own circular economy. It shows how a vehicle can easily and affordably be reinvented for multiple subsequent owners, using remanufactured parts, new decals or colors, and even modernized parts over time. Total cost of ownership will be low. When a door, headlight or bumper needs to be replaced, the recycled parts can be responsibly sourced through Citroën from other oli vehicles that are no longer in use. When a vehicle costs more to refurbish than buying a new one, the vehicles are usually not refurbished. The oli changes this – it is ecologically and economically more advantageous to refurbish a vehicle than to replace it. If a refurbishment should no longer be economical, Citroën will make each oli a spare part donor for other oli or send parts for general recycling.

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